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Delirium: The Album Every Collegiette Should Be Listening To

Ellie Goulding is the English pop singer who shook the world with her unforgettable 2010 debut studio album Lights. Known for producing catchy music, Goulding is also recognized for her down-to-earth attitude. Just like her pal Taylor Swift, she likes to keep it real in her lyrics. She’s in tune (no pun intended) with the up-and-down nature of relationships, perfectly articulating how the thrill of being in love isn’t always easy.

Released in November, her latest album Delirium portrays this concept with thoughtful lyrics and melodious electronic tones that will keep you hooked throughout all twenty-five songs. Before taking a look at the lyrics, however, I definitely encourage you to listen to her first song “Intro (Delirium)” to get into the groove. As for the rest of the album, I picked out some songs that are absolutely addicting– not to mention totally relevant to life as a Collegiette. 

1. “Keep On Dancin’”

“Happy in rain or thunder / Baby I keep / I keep on, I keep on / I just keep on dancing”

“Keep On Dancin’” is a perfect example of how Goulding’s lyrics hit home; this song in particular touches on the importance of having a thick skin. Throughout the song, the pop singer reinforces the idea that while relationships can be tough, it is important to keep your spirits up and continue “dancing” through your fabulous life.


2. “Codes”

“Tell me black and white / Why I’m here tonight / I can’t read the signs”

“Codes” is probably my favorite song on Delirium because Goulding captures the essence of being led on. Chances are you or someone you know has been led on at some point. Dating is tough; it can be difficult to determine someone’s true intentions, and when you like someone, all you want to do is prevent yourself from getting hurt. Goulding presses the simple question that many of us have been itching to ask at some point: What do you really want from me?


3. “I Do What I Love”

“I do what I love and I love what I do”

In this song, Goulding goes in for the kill and demands that we value our individual strengths. She urges us to love ourselves and believe in our own potential.


Even after listening to just a few of her new songs, it’s likely that any adventurous music lover will be instantly hooked. Delirium has the whole package: powerful lyrics, eclectic beats, and heartfelt vocals. Ellie Goulding has undoubtedly done it again. Keep her on your radar: who knows what she’ll be up to next.


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