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Definitive Ranking of Halloween Candy

When I think of Halloween, I think of the good old days of dressing up and running door to door, pillowcase in hand, and yelling “trick or treat!” I would never deny a free piece of candy (which still holds true today), but let’s be honest, some treats are better than others. Here is my definitive ranking of Halloween candy from worst to best:

10. Almond JoyThis is a misnomer. Fake tasting coconut and nuts bring me no joy.

9. York Peppermint PattyPretty good, but not that exciting.

8. M &MsM & Ms are delicious, there is no denying that, but they are nothing special and earn #8 on my list.

7. ButterfingerIs there a more classic combination than peanut butter and chocolate? Butterfingers are delicious but they don’t compare to #6.

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter CupsReese’s does it best.

5. SkittlesA nice break from the chocolate overload.

4. Kit KatBreak me off a piece of that, PLEASE.

3. TwixChocolatey, caramelly, and crunchy. Best of all worlds.

2. Full/King sized ANYTHINGDoesn’t matter what it is- Snickers, Crunch Bar, Milky Way. The surprise of being handed out a king sized candy bar was all that mattered. This is the time when quantity over quality is acceptable.

1. Nerds RopeThis rare gem was hard to come by when trick-or-treating (maybe that's why I hold them so near and dear to my heart). If you brought this bad boy with you to recess  the day after Halloween, you ruled the school.

We may be too old for trick-or-treating (please pause for a moment of silence), but that doesn’t mean we can’t still indulge on our favorite Halloween treats! Happy Halloween!

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