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Congratulations, Collegiettes! You have the first few weeks of the semester under your belt. With the New Year, new classes, and new friends comes a whole bunch of new questions. Here’s a sample of some texts that I received from a couple of friends that I’m sure many others will be able to relate to. Whether you agree with the advice or not, and whether you have a concern big or small, it’s always critical to ask for help from you beloved band of friends.

Q: “How can I keep up with my New Year’s resolution of going to the gym?? It’s so cold! I just want to sleep…”A: Sometimes, the hardest part about keeping up with a fitness regimen is getting yourself to go to the gym. Once you’re there, it’s easy to get going and work hard. Try and fit gym time into your daily routine as much as possible, so it will feel strange for you NOT to go. If you make a point of going to the gym often and stepping up your game, you will feel much better than if you didn’t.

Q: “I reealllyyyy want to get to know the cute guy who’s in my class now…”A: We’ve all wanted to get some handsome man’s attention at some point in our lives. It’s important in a classroom setting, and anywhere else actually, to focus on subtlety. The key is to start small. Try sitting next to him and asking a casual question about an assignment. Make a joke about how ridiculous your professor is. If he thinks you’re funny, that’s a great starting point. Hopefully a few casual conversations will develop into something more important, like exchanging numbers. Remember, never forget that if he doesn’t seem interested, it’s most certainly not worth it. If something is meant to happen it will, and if he can’t tell right off the bat how awesome you are, then, on to the next!

Q: “So it’s Thursday and I have work due tomorrow and I really should get it done, BUT I really want to go out…”A: I struggle with this on a weekly basis. As a college student, schoolwork needs to be your main priority. However, we can’t ignore the fact that UMass is an enormous school with a lively campus in a bustling college-town, so it’s impossible not to want to go out with your friends and forget about the paper that’s been looming over your head for the past week. My recommendation? Make a list of your assignments in order of their priority (aka which ones are due the next morning). If you focus and get them done, you deserve to have fun. Cheers!

Q: “My job is taking over my life. I don’t have time for anything else anymore…”A: As broke college students, many of us are struggling to make ends meet, which all too often leads to exhausting ourselves trying to work more hours than we should. Although this is much easier said than done, try having a conversation with your manager or supervisor about it. If they think even slightly rationally, they’ll realize that there are other things in your life that are not your job. Ask if you can have slightly reduced hours, if your budget will allow for it. We all need money, but you need to take time for yourself too, and the many other things in your life that matter.

So ladies, best of luck with your new endeavors and remember, a second opinion from your best friends can go a long way!


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