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Countdown to the Bachelor: Why Ben Higgins is Going to Be Great

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Well Collegiettes, here we are, about to embark on another “journey” with another Bachelor. How many seasons has it been? How many couples have lasted? The answer to the first one is too many to count and the answer to the second is not enough to keep track of. But there is something about this show that brings viewers back each season. Is it the hope that love is on the horizon for two complete strangers on a reality tv show? Or is it the idea that someone out there is living the dream and getting to go on all of these amazing dates in “perfect places to fall in love”? Regardless of what the reasons are, it is nice to be able to sit down and watch it after a long Monday in the middle of winter.

This season #BachelorNation has the pleasure of watching Ben Higgins try to find true love. He was the third runner-up in Kaitlyn’s Bristowe’s season, but her loss is our gain because the world now gets to watch Ben search for love. This man is such a great human being and here’s why.

1. He’s romantic

During his time on the Bachelorette he was repeatedly the one that people would say they would fawn over.

2. The way he looks at those he cares about

There is no doubt that Ben really cared about Kaitlyn, he dropped the “L” word and was always looking at her with lovey eyes that would make any girl swoon. There is no question that all of the bachelorette’s will be madly in love with him this season, just like all the girls sitting on their couches across the country.

3. He’s fun

His one-on-one date showed that he was able to let loose, have fun, and go with the flow. He’s fun and there are going to be some great dates to look forward to with him as the Bachelor.

4. He’s friends with all of his Bachelorette friends

Kaitlyn’s season was one for the books because besides the Shawn and Nick drama, the guys were all friends and had a good time together.

This season is going to be a great one because Ben is an all-around good guy and is going to treat all of the girls with the utmost respect. The hope is that he is going to be the next Sean Lowe and find his future wife on TV.

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