Trader Joe'S

Confessions of a Trader Joe’s Convert: 10 things you need to add to your shopping list

Up until this fall I was somewhat of a stranger to Trader Joe’s. When I moved in with my two best friends and roommates, they were somewhat horrified to hear I had never browsed the aisles of the grocery store they call their holy grail. After my first trip to Trader Joe’s I knew big things were coming. It’s been a few weeks and there’s something I am proudly admitting: I am a Trader Joe’s convert. I’ve heard about people joking their only personality trait is their love for Trader Joe’s, and now I understand it. 

This store seriously has everything I love, and has introduced me to so many new, yummy meal ideas…the only issue being that my roommates and I are definitely running out of fridge and freezer space. Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks that you need to try. 

  1. 1. Pumpkin waffles

    trader joes pumpkin waffles

    This is a yummy take on the classic frozen breakfast waffle. I’m always looking for easy and fast ways to pull meals together, and these are definitely a favorite in my apartment. Whenever one of us has one of these for breakfast, the whole apartment smells like warm pumpkin goodness.

  2. 2. Pumpkin granola bars

    trader joes pumpkin granola bars

    I’m a granola bar person. I like to eat a granola bar before going for a run, as a snack between meals, or even right before bed. These granola bars are something else. Think pumpkin muffin, but in bar form—I’ve had them every morning for the past 2 weeks and have yet to get tired of them. 

  3. 3. Acai bowl

    trader joe's acai bowl

    The first time I bought these I was a little confused because I assumed you needed a blender… but I was wrong. These cute little acai bowls come frozen, and with only a minute or so in the microwave you have the perfect smoothie bowl (without the big price tag). This acai bowl comes with fruit, but I like to add my own granola and fruit on top.

  4. 4. Butternut squash pumpkin soup

    trader joes pumpkin soup

    We’re getting closer to soup season, and I was so psyched to try this pumpkin soup when I saw it! My apartment has a tiny kitchen and I don’t quite have the time or space to make my own soup, but Trader Joe’s prepared soup has been a game changer. The other day my roommate and I made grilled cheese sandwiches, and dipped them in this soup, with a side of balsamic arugula…one of the best lunches I’ve made in a while.

  5. 5. Veggie soba noodle stir fry

    trader joes soba noodle

    As mentioned before, I’m all for quick and time efficient cooking and meal prepping. Trader Joe’s veggie soba noodle stir fry takes less than 10 minutes to make, is so yummy and filling, and is packed with good stuff. I will say, the soy ginger sauce is a little spicier than I prefer—I am a total wimp when it comes to spice—but with a couple glasses of cold water close by, I was totally fine. Trader Joe’s also has a brown rice and veggie stir fry, as well as a few others that I need to try.

  6. 6. Japanese vegetable rice

    trader joes fried rice

    This was one of the first things I tried from Trader Joe’s, and it’s still a favorite of mine. This frozen rice, veggie, and tofu dinner is so yummy, and can be cooked either in the microwave or on the stove. I like to scramble some extra tofu and add it as well, since there isn’t that much tofu in it to begin with.

  7. 7. Colorful carrots

    trader joes carrots

    I’ve never been a cooked carrot kind of person, but these frozen colorful adorable carrots changed the game for me. I love sautéing these as a side with whatever else I’m making. Usually I end up snacking on them before the rest of my meal is even done cooking. Plus, it’s just fun that they’re different colors.

  8. 8. Teriyaki tofu

    trader joes tofu

    Tofu is my favorite food in the world. I would have it every single day if I could. It can be time consuming to drain, press, prepare, and cook your own tofu. These little tofu packs from Trader Joe’s are pre-cooked, marinated, and absolutely delicious. I cook them on a frying pan for about ten minutes, flipping them every few minutes. It’s so fast, so easy, and absolutely delicious. I wish I had known about these sooner.

  9. 9. Ice cream sandwiches

    trader joes ice cream sandwhich

    Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches are a hidden gem and a true game changer (I think I’ve said that about every item listed). My roommates and I have gone on specific late night trips to Trader Joe’s just to get these. Buy a box (or 2) of these and you will be thankful you did.

  10. 10. Mini mango mochi

    trader joes mango mochi

    Last but not least; Trader Joe’s mini mango mochi. These things are amazing. Think yummy mango sorbet, wrapped in mochi. They’re adorable and mini and just so good. There are a bunch of different flavors you can choose from (I’ve stuck with mango because I love it).

Whether you’re a longtime Trader Joe’s follower, or a newbie like me, I hope some of my favorites make it on your shopping list!