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Celebrating 5 years of National Plus Size Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Half a decade ago, we celebrated the first National Plus Size Day in 2017.

These past 5 years have seen landmark changes from plus-sized models being celebrated, showcased, and loved to celebrities — such as Oprah, Adele, and Tess Holliday — coming out with their stories. They have provided inspiration to many. 

Self-love is the key to growth in life, and this day is a special occasion to show the power of self-love and the wonders it can do. People who have the capability to rise above the perception of others and love them despite all their flaws are the ones who win the world.

Irrespective of our age, our daily life is impacted hugely by our physical perceptions of ourselves. Whether you are plus size or not, take note of the value you place on your outward appearance, contributions to others’ lives, and relationships. Today you should celebrate accomplishments and appreciate one another.

That being said, here is a spoken word I wrote a while ago to honor the fact that we should love our bodies, regardless of their size.

She decided to recreate herself in the image of beauty in which she was meant to be seen.

Instead of focusing on the words that cut like knives and the pain that would cling.

No longer would the curves she tried to hide cause her to walk in shame.

No longer will she be called THAT THICK CHIC in substitution of her name.

She will recognize what she’s been seeing but wouldn’t allow her mirror to reflect.

Embrace the love that’s in her handles and not settle for the more in less.

In other words, your infatuation will not be an instant invitation to her innermost.

Flattery may get you somewhere but will still only get you but so close.

Maybe a THANK YOU if she feels the compliment is genuine and she feels you deserve such.

No longer will her insecurities tell her she needs to find comfort in any kind of strangers touch.

She takes extra brush strokes over emotional blemishes and sponge dabs to dry up hidden tears.

Turned her turtle neck into a v-neck because she released her inhibitions and fears.

She allowed those thighs of thunder to clap like each time she struts there was a standing ovation.

She became the she that she was meant to be since her creation.

She became aware of a love that’s been there but she wouldn’t allow herself to feel.

She was more than a work of art come to life; she was perfect imperfection personified and real.

So now she can look at herself in the mirror and say,


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Navya Gupta

U Mass Amherst '23

Navya Gupta is a content writer and Twitter co-ordinator for the University of Massachusets Amherst Chapter. She is a Junior Marketing and Managerial economics double major with a certificate in Business Data Analytics. An International student from India, Navya is heavily involved on campus in the Marketing club and Adllab, loves meeting new people and exploring new cafes. You can count on her for articles detailing the latest update on all things Netflix, Kpop and food!