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Break Out Your Hit Clips: 10 Songs of Your Childhood

Have you ever heard a song that has made you jump out of your seat because it brought you back to your childhood? About a week ago, my cousin and I started searching around YouTube and came across some songs that, needless to say, made us feel like little kids again. That has to got to be one of the best things about music: its ability to take you back to a moment in your life, whether that moment is happy or sad. I hope that the list I compiled here will bring you back to your childhood or a moment in time and will make you feel happy. From boybands to girlbands to solo artists, I’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here are ten songs that will bring you back to your childhood.

All I Can Do- Jump5Jump5 was a guy and girl group featured on many soundtracks. You might remember them from Disney TV favorites like Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, and Lilo and Stitch! Their hit “All I Can Do” was definitely one of their most popular songs. See if you remember!

Upside Down- A*Teens

The A*Teens was another coed group featured on Disney Channel soundtracks. Fun fact: they are actually a group from Sweden

Us Against The World- PLAYPLAY was also a European group based out of Sweden that was often featured on Disney Channel. I used to be so jealous of their outfits – I mean check out the original crop tops.

I Can’t Wait- Lizzie McGuireOkay, let’s be honest, there will always be a place for Lizzie McGuire in all of our hearts. I can remember being obsessed with this song. We love you, Lizzie!

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes/Circle of Life – Disney Channel StarsMy favorite thing ever when I was little was when Disney would make music videos with all of the Disney Channel Stars covering a Disney song. I put two of the most famous covers – I guarantee you’ll remember these!

No One/Do You Believe In Magic?- Aly & AJNo one can beat this sister duo. They had tons of hits and were successful even after they left the Disney Channel scene. Here are two of their earlier songs. 

Some Call It Magic- RavenRaven dominated the Disney Channel scene between her hit show “That’s So Raven,” (a personal favorite of mine) and the songs she came out with during her time with Disney. Raven was always one of my faves. Let’s see if you remember this song she made for “That’s So Raven!”

7 Things- Miley CyrusShe makes us crazy, but you’ve got to give it to her, Miley was the queen of Disney Channel for a long time. Funny how we thought this was wild for Miley; little did we know this was tame for her…

I hope these throwback jams made you feel like a kid again! I highly recommend going on YouTube and searching for old songs you remember loving when you were young. It makes you feel little again, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. It’s always nice to go back.

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