The Books and Tips You’ll Want to Know to Become an Avid Reader

Step 1: You told yourself you want to read more. 

Step 2: You found a book that looked interesting. 

Step 3: Now is your time to read it!

Whether you’re "allergic" to reading and want to make a change, have trouble finding the time to prioritize your reading, or are generally interested in finding new reads, then check out these books and tips that will make you fall in love with reading!


Find a Book with an Eye-Catching Plot Line


Arthur Louis Pullman the Third finds his future to be in shambles after discovering his loss of a college scholarship. Through the written journal left behind by his late grandfather, an award-winning novelist, Pullman embarks on a cross-country train ride trying to uncover the clues of his grandfather’s life story during his years living with dementia.

This story is for those looking for a quick read, but with an interesting plot line with multiple twists that will ensure you to continue reading. You may even want to go on your own cross-country trip with your S.O., friends, or family members to explore new locations! Finding a book that interests you, whether you want to learn more about a subject, or want to challenge yourself with a different topic, is setting you up to grow as a reader!

A Lite Too Bright by Samuel Miller can be found on Amazon here.


Opt for an Emotional or Relative Story to Your Life


As an emotional memoir written by Paul Kalanithi recollecting his life as a neurosurgeon, we are brought into his story of how Stage IV lung cancer has changed his life dramatically. Beautifully written, Kalanithi approaches the difficulties of facing death, yet trying to find the meaning of life when his future seems to be dissipating away.

This novel is definitely a hit home since we can all relate to how our lives are quite precious and our futures and goals in life can be shortened. Bringing Kalanithi’s story to life through a memoir has provided readers a greater outlook on life and how to apply meaning to one's own life. It’s a must-read for all genres of readers out there.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi can be found on Amazon here.


Read a Book Turned TV Show or Movie Adaptation


For all those movie or T.V. show buffs out there, this one's for you. In the dystopian world of the Republic of Gilead, Offred’s main value as a handmaid is to be impregnated by the Commander. Other handmaid's must go through similar transactions as a result of the world’s population is declining in the number of births. Unable to write, read, and speak her own opinions and thoughts, Offred holds onto the memories of her family and friends before their separation in order to stay strong and face the shocking challenges of the present.

With the first two seasons already on Hulu and a season three soon to soon be released this June, The Handmaid’s Tale is a great first choice novel for a reader who enjoys television shows and movies. The fact that you can see the vision for a novel come to life on television shows or movies is just another reason why you’ll want to pick up the book!

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood can be found on Amazon here


Read a Story that Will Make an Impact and Leave You Wanting More


Another chilling, dystopian novel takes place at Hailsham, a boarding school in England, where the students of Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy along with other students at Hailsham (an elite boading school) have to follow the mysterious rules of their teachers while also maintaining what the teachers emphasize as being “creative”. Fast forward to present-day in the novel when Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are now adults who begin to comprehend how they are special and what their gifts mean to the rest of the world.  

Finding the book where everything changes and leaves a lasting impact on you is more often than not a hit or miss. When you integrate yourself into a variety of book genres, you begin to see which books you rely on most to fuel your creative mind. Mine in this case was Never Let Me Go. You can think of all the scenarios you want about a character, an event, or a brief scene, but the questions you will form in this novel will further reel you in to want more. If reading a story has even made a small impact or change in yourself that creates interest, stick with those types of books and you won’t want to get to the ending!

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro can be found on Amazon here.


Along with the books listed above, plenty of book bloggers, YouTube, and “social cataloging” websites provide endless book suggestions and reviews that you can check out! Reading helps to expand the mind, whiich allows yourself to think “outside the box” and grow as a person and as a reader. Follow these tips and you’ll be one step closer to becoming an avid reader!

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