Black Friday At a Glance: The First Deals of the Holiday Season

Although fall seemingly just began, November is already here! Besides the cooler weather, pretty foliage and reemergence of our favorite fall sweaters, many (myself included) look forward to the holidays that November brings along with it. One tradition I look forward to during the holiday season, is Black Friday, and all of the deals that come along with it. This year, Black Friday lands on Friday the 29th, which is the latest it’s been in years. This means that, additionally, Cyber Monday lands on December 2nd – leaving minimal time to get holiday shopping done. Despite the fact that we’re only in the first few days of the month, some stores have already rolled out some early sales. Plus, there are predictions for upcoming deals to keep your eye on. Let’s take a look and see what’s on the table for this year so far!


1. Amazon

Every year, Amazon notably hosts a large sale on their products on Black Friday weekend. They have different sections of their products that are marked separately, usually by daily deals, ‘lightning deals’ (that last as long as the product is in stock), or sales for the whole weekend. Make sure to check back frequently throughout the month to view the different sales of the day, or even by the hour. Though they usually have the biggest sales on Amazon products, I’ve found some great finds that have helped me crossed off my holiday shopping list. 



Available now: Amazon Echo Dot - $29.99 ($20 off)

This product is a great addition to your daily routine, ranging from an alarm clock, as a way to check the weather, to play music, and more.

Prediction: Amazon Fire TV Stick (currently 20% off at $39.99 but prone to drop closer to Black Friday)

I personally purchased this item during a Black Friday sale a couple of years ago, and it’s one of my favorite Black Friday purchases I’ve ever made. Although I’m an iPhone user and, like some, may have found the AppleTV more useful for my lifestyle, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked using the Fire Stick. I use it to watch all of my favorite TV shows – whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime – and also can use it to play Spotify, or Youtube. It’s come in handy a lot when I have guests over, but also when I’m doing work at home and would like some music in the background. In fact, though some may find it a deal breaker they can’t airplay information from their phone to the TV using this product, I hardly even notice it since I can pull up most things I’d like to stream through the direct applications the product includes already. (Also a great find for the price!)


Prediction: Whole Foods Groceries

As Amazon is partnered with Whole Foods now and has made it a large part of their brand, I’m sure there are many deals to come on groceries during this discounted weekend (and even throughout the month). 


Plus – check here for Amazon’s lightning deals and upcoming deals to watch to see the different deals offered day by day!


2. Target

Target hasn’t released any deals so far, but there are some predictions for products to come within the next few weeks.



Prediction: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones - $179.99 ($120 off) 

As a college student, I’ve found that headphones are a necessity. Whether I’m walking to class, around campus, or trying to focus during a study session, I constantly find myself listening to music wherever I am. Because of this, I’ve found these over-the-ear headphones to be better for me for long periods of listening. Though a little more on the pricier side (if as predicted), I’ve found this investment to be worth it.


Prediction: Nintendo Switch Bundle - $250 (save roughly $100)

Historically, Target has sold a Nintendo Switch bundle with games at a price that other stores can’t beat. Keep an eye out for this year’s exclusive bundle in the upcoming weeks.


3. Best Buy

Best Buy has rolled out a few deals early into the season, but is expected to drop more products throughout the month. Here are some staple items available now!



Available now: Keurig Classic Coffee Maker - $79.99 ($40 off)

Throughout my years of schooling, I’ve found myself more often than not with (at least) one cup of coffee in hand as I start my morning, or on my way to class. Having your own coffee machine can save a lot of money instead of stopping at a coffee shop, and also save time on busy mornings!


Available now: 20% select Monopoly Games

Monopoly is a favorite in my household, and with the holidays coming up (which can include family of various ages), this game provides entertainment for the whole family!


Despite some of these current sales, this discount season is only just beginning! In the weeks leading up to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, keep your eyes peeled for discounts on your favorite products, or any on your shopping list for this holiday season. Although this time of year can be hectic, starting your shopping earlier rather than later can keep things from getting too crazy. Happy shopping!


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