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A fresh new year with fresh new books. It’s the best season to just curl up and read a good book! There are tons of new releases and so many genres to choose from.

  1. Historical Mystery

Jane Hur’s The Red Palace is placed in 1758 Korea (known as Joseon) and follows the main female character, Hyeon into an murder mystery of the death of four women. Now she has to unravel the truth to save her best friend from being framed. This has been out since January 25th!

  1. Fantasy

Tahereh Mafi’s This Woven Kingdom follows the heir to an ancient kingdom, Alizeh, as she poses as a servant for several years and gets involved in the affairs of the throne when the king passes away. This was released February 1st!

  1. Historical Thriller

Ruta Sepetys’s novel, I Must Betray You is set in 1989 Romania with an aspiring 17-year-old writer who gets recruited as an secret informant. He battles with loyalty toward his friends and family and doing the right thing to bring down the government. Released Feb. 1 2022!

  1. Realistic Fiction

Laila Sabreen’s debut novel, You Truly Assumed, focuses on the lives of three Black Muslim teens as they deal with Islamophobia. Sabriya uses an online journal to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices of being an Muslim after a local terrorist attack. It attracts the attention of Muslim teens around the world, and Sabriya is joined by Zakat and Farah. As she faces growing recognition, she is faced with harsh trolls and threats. This is out starting from Feb. 8, 2022!

  1. Mythical Fantasy

Axie Oh’s The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is a retelling of the Korean folktale, Tge Tale of Shim Cheong, to be released Feb. 22, 2022! The village has been enduring harsh storms for many generations in what they believe is a curse by the Sea God. According to the curse, they must throw someone from the village out to Sea to be his bride. This year, Mina’s brother’s lover (Cheong) was chosen. To save Cheong, Mina sacrifices herself and ends up in the world of the sea only to find the Sea God to be sleeping and many to keep it that way. 

These are just a few of many amazing books to be released this year. I personally can’t wait to read all of these and come back for a review! Happy Valentines!!

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Sidrat Siddiqui is a senior studying the world of Chemistry. When she isn't studying, you will find her drinking a cuppa matcha, sleeping for inordinate amounts of time, and spending late nights reading books.
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