Best Places for Summer Adventures in New England

As our spring semester days end, pack your bags! Find some fun or relaxation at these cool places in New England.

  1. 1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    If you're a beach person, you definitely need to take a trip to Cape Cod. With amazing sunsets, seafood, and shops, this place has everything you need for a perfect summer day. I recommend Scusett Beach, Onset Beach, or Mayflower Beach!

  2. 2. The Berkshires

    friends girls hike sunset mountains adventure silhouette

    If the beach isn't your thing, check out some nature in western Mass! These beautiful mountains are not too far from UMass. You can spend a day hiking, camping, exploring museums, or eating great food. Mount Greylock is a challenging but beautiful hike to try before the fall semester begins again!

  3. 3. Portland, Maine

    Person Sitting on Boardwalk at sunset

    Portland is one of my favorite cities for great food, drinks, beaches, and people. Take a ferry over to one of the islands off the coast of Portland for beautiful and lowkey landscapes. If you're in this city, you definitely need to try a lobster roll before you go!

  4. 4. Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

    Woman sitting alone on beach

    Narragansett has both beautiful beaches and great eats. This beach town is at the south of Rhode Island and if you visit, you better be sipping a Del's Lemonade by the water. If you have the chance, try to visit Block Island for a relaxing excursion. If you aren't a beach person, drive up north and you should be able to find something fun in Providence!

  5. 5. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

    If you are a lake person, I would check out Lake Winnipesaukee this summer! Find someone with a boat, and you have a whole day planned out for you! Between swimming, fishing, and tubing, life is better on a lake. If you like camping, you can also check out the White Mountains which are not too much further north. 

Pack your bags with extra bathing suits and sunscreen, and have fun exploring New England this summer!