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The Best Indie Playlist for Your Hipster Heart

Perhaps you clicked on this link to scoff at the popularity of these songs because you already consider yourself a hipster. However, maybe you’re just genuinely interested in this whole hipster thing and want to get your feet wet in the music that these folks listen to. Well, this list is for the latter group, and here is an introductory hipster music playlist to get you more acquainted with this genre. Here goes nothing:

1. The XX- “Intro”
This song, though it is instrumental, is such a great jam. It sounds like an introduction of something we don’t quite understand yet, but will surely knock our socks off. In case you don’t want the fun to end, here’s a four-hour-long version of the song. 
2. Discovery- “Swing Tree”

“Menswear” by The 1975 is so relaxing. It hits me right in the feels whenever I listen to it. Just plug your headphones in and let the stress melt away! 
4. Alt-J- “Breezeblocks”

I have no idea what this song is about, and probably never will. Alt-J is such a weird, quirky band who puts out interesting yet original music. “Breezeblocks” has a funky sound that I’m sure any hipster will dig.
5. Cage the Elephant- “Shake Me Down”
Combining classic rock braggadocio with modern sensibilities, “Shake Me Down” epitomizes what Cage The Elephant is all about.
6. Modest Mouse- “Float On”
“Float On” is just one of those songs that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK. You backed your car into a cop car the other day? You’ll be OK. You both got fired on exactly the same day? You’ll be OK. An anthem for shitty days you want to make better. Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr was also in Manchester-based band The Smiths, one of the architects of indie rock.
7. Imagine Dragons- “It’s Time”
I remember the exact time and place I first listened to this song, that’s how awesome it is! Another powerful jam that will hit you in all the hipster feels.
8. Awolnation- “Kill Your Heroes”
I love this song so much the lyrics are in the bio of my Instagram. Anyways, kill your heroes and fly, guys
9. M83- “Midnight City”
M83’s “Midnight City” is one of those songs that always gets you excited when you hear it. A funky song for some funky situations. 
10.  Passion Pit- “Sleepyhead”

Passion Pit’s album Chunk of Change, which has this song on it, was one of the greatest albums of the 2000s. Passion Pit is always putting out original stuff that’s fun to listen to.
11. The Temper Trap- “Love Lost”

The Temper Trap isn’t too popular in the mainstream, but I don’t know why because they are pretty rad. Try and not belt out the chorus to this song, I dare you.
12. Matt and Kim- “Daylight”

“Daylight” has always been and will continue to be such a good jam. Even in this freezing weather, “Daylight” makes me feel like it’s summer
13. The Wombats- “Greek Tragedy”

“Greek Tragedy” shows the Wombats’ quintessential English charm and wonky beats, a perfect addition to your playlist. 
14. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- “Home”

This is some entry-level hipster stuff, but it’s a catchy tune nonetheless. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ later works are good as well, and retain the folksy charm present in “Home.”
15. Arcade Fire- “Rebellion”

Montreal-based Arcade Fire’s song “Rebellion,” off of their 2010 album Lies, encapsulates the folky yet orchestral sound they’ve become known for. .
16. Youngblood Hawke- “Dreams”

Striking the perfect mixture between pop and indie rock, Youngblook Hawke’s “Dreams” is an upbeat track that will make you want to sing along. 
17. The Lumineers- “Dead Sea”
I’m not usually into slow jams, but this song is just too awesome to not put on this playlist. The lyrics will melt your heart. 
18. Arctic Monkeys- “Do I Wanna Know?”
This song makes you feel like there’s trouble brewing. Many Arctic Monkeys songs make you feel that way, that’s why I love them. 
19. MGMT-“Kids”
This has to be one of my top favorite songs ever. It’s like the OG indie jam you’ve probably been loving for years. Also, check out their latest album MGMT with such songs as “Your Life Is A Lie.” 
20. The Naked and Famous-“Young Blood”
No words, just listen. Then listen some more to these remixes. You’re welcome. 
Well there you have it you hipsters, hippies, and indie chicks/peeps, the best introductory indie playlist you’ve ever heard. Also, remember that part of appreciating alternative music is supporting local musicians. UMass and the rest of the Pioneer Valley are filled with some great bands, so if you dig the guys I’ve posted up here, go and check out some local music.
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