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Hey everyone! My name is Annie Norton and I wanted to try and give a quick and helpful, easy-to-understand curling video for those of you who want to try a new way to curl or just a way to curl in general. The products I used are available in the video and I am able to use them in my day to day life besides just for curling my hair.


The steps that I use to create this look are:

1. Applying moroccan oil to the ends of my hair and throughout my hair, but trying not to get it in my roots. 

2. Spraying dry shampoo to my roots, because the best curls come from "dirtier" hair, a day or however many days old hair. This dry shampoo is great to get rid of oil and also adds volume to your overall look. If your hair is clean this is also great just for the volume and to "dirty" it up a little bit!

3. I added blowout bombshell spray. Although it is labeled for blowdrying, this spray is great for added texture before and after you curl.

4. Section hair to your desire. From side to side you are able to get one overall layer of curls as opposed to up and down which would layer the amount of curls and overall adding more body to the hair.

5. Start curling! The key to beachy waves is alternating which way you have the curl facing. Start with the front or back, it doesn't matter. As you get closer to the front of your face however, make sure you have one or more pieces that are facing away from your face. This will frame your face. ALSO: leave a gap between the end of your hair ~2 inches so that you can achieve the beachy wave look. This is essential because it gives it almost a "half done look"

6. When you are done curling/resectioning, apply hairspray and let hair cool.

7. Apply your choice of texturizing spray or oils to help comb through and separate curls to give you that true beachy wave feel.


Check out the step-by-step video I made to go along with this tutorial!



Annie Norton

U Mass Amherst '21

A current sophomore at UMass Amherst who enjoys rom-coms, late night at Berk, and reading a book in her hammock. Follow her on instagram to get to know her even better @annienort0n
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