Be (One of a) Kind

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget to appreciate the good things in our lives. We don’t often realize this but one way to be more grateful is the simple act of kindness. Being kind is proven to help people embrace the basic pleasures of life. Incorporating a bit of kindness into your day can lift up your spirits more than you can imagine. Below are a few easy ways you can spread kindness into your life and the lives of the people around you.

  1. 1. Think positive thoughts.

    You’ve probably heard people say this to you whenever you’ve felt down. Frankly, it can get repetitive to hear the phrase, “Think positive” especially when it’s easier said than done. But more often than not, positive thinking can go a long way in turning your mood around! When you feel the negative thoughts creeping up in your head, try to put a positive spin on the scenario. This is the first step in practicing kindness. The more you see the world in an optimistic light, the more it feels worthwhile to be kind.

  2. 2. Ask people how they’re doing.

    We get it, everyone gets busy. The world’s moving so fast that sometimes we tend to neglect ourselves and the people around us in order to keep up with the pace of everything. In the grand scheme of things, however, we’re likely not going to remember that extra 10 minutes we spent doing calculus homework but we’re likely to remember that stranger who asked us how our day went. So, be that person in someone’s day. Be the person who shows people that they’re cared about. Asking someone a simple question can make a person feel much better and more valued.

  3. 3. Do a good deed every day.

    Imagine making someone’s day, and imagine that you were the reason that someone went to sleep happy. Imagine that you were the cause of someone’s reason to smile. Personally, I believe making people smile is a superpower that all of us are born with. So, why are we so afraid to use this superpower? Taking a few minutes of your time to help someone out will make the world a slightly better place to live in. Even if it’s something as simple as holding open the door for the person behind you, remember to do one nice thing every day and you’ll soon embrace the gift of kindness. 

  4. 4. Be kind to yourself.

    Being kind to yourself can be challenging. People tend to be their toughest critics and are prone to falling into vicious cycles of self-criticism. Introspection can be useful, particularly when you find yourself making questionable choices, but a huge part of being human is messing up! Remember to forgive yourself and treat yourself with the same kindness that you would treat a loved one with. After all, how can you be kind to the people around you if you can’t be kind to yourself?