Back To School Playlist - 2019

Back to school means reuniting with your friends, fresh new starts, and of course, long walks to class.  I cannot survive the 30 minute long treacherous walks to class without my headphones and my playlists.  They are a blessing to me when I see them every morning sitting and waiting to come along with me to class.  For those days when you just want a nice relaxing morning walk, this is the playlist for you!


1. Salt And The Sea - The Lumineers

The Lumineers recently released their newest album on September 13, 2019 and to say it is the best thing to ever grace my ears would be an understatement.  This unique take on a 3 chapter album tells the story of the Sparks family: Gloria Sparks, Jimmy Sparks, and Junior Sparks. This album really tells a story throughout the entire album and is truly an emotional rollercoaster listening to the narrative of how addiction affects a family.  This folk rock band also released a ten part music video version of each song, which will actually be shown as a film in the Toronto Film Festival.  To check out the entire album and see all of the music videos, click here. The song “Salt And The Sea” stood out to me with the beautiful guitar and piano combination that is perfect for early mornings.  To find out more information about The Lumineers' new music, future tour dates, and available merch, you can visit their website here.

2. Circles - Post Malone

Post Malone just released his newest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, and one of the singles released includes the song “Circles.” This song is a slower and more funky type of song compared to some of his other music which makes it a perfect song for back to school.  Post Malone has also released a music video for this song which you can check out on his Youtube channel here. It is a great feel good song for when you need that quick hype up before a long day of classes.  Checkout the rest of his album and any tour dates and more information on his website here.

3. Hey Ma - Bon Iver

Bon Iver released his newest album "i,i" on August 30th, 2019 which included a single called "Hey Ma."  A dreamy tribute song to his mother will relax your mind and calm you as you listen to this back to school playlist.  Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon) released this entire album almost three weeks prior to the original release date and released each song one hour apart.  The entire album will take you through all emotions, and this tribute song will bring you back to your childhood memories.  To check out more information about Bon Iver, you can visit his website here.

4. She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones

5. This Must Be The Place - The Lumineers

6. Take A Walk - The Head and the Heart

7. Strawberries - Caamp

8. Astrovan - Mt. Joy

9. Cold Coffee - Ed Sheeran

10. Self Control - Frank Ocean

11. Imagination - Foster the People

12. Team - Lorde

13. Boots of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan

14. You're the One - The Black Keys

15. Seaside - The Kooks

16. Luckiest Man - The Wood Brothers

17.  Peach Fuzz - Caamp

18. Sunrise - Norah Jones

19. Die Young - Max Frost

20. Do You Remember - Jack Johnson

21. Slow It Down - The Lumineers

22. Saint Pablo - Kanye West

23. Democracy - The Lumineers

24. My Cell - The Lumineers

25. For Emma - Bon Iver

For this whole playlistand more, check out my account @emmahanley16 on Spotify or click the link here!

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