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As a Fellow Taurus, Here Are Some Birthday Gift Ideas for the Tauruses in Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.
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As I write this article on May 15th, I just freshly turned 22! So in the spirit of my birthday, I thought it would be a great time to give birthday gift ideas for your favorite Taurus in your life. I’m going to list some birthday gift ideas based on the characteristics and likings of us Tauruses. And I know someone will be expecting something food-related on this list, and I will say you are right in expecting it…

The comfy®

Tauruses are infamous for being couch potatoes. And whether or not that is true for EVERY Taurus out there, it’s nice to nap and relax, so why not be extremely comfy yet somewhat fashionable doing it? I have seen plenty of people wear them on campus too, and all I can think is, “I wish I were you.” They come in plenty of colors and even have a pocket to hold your phone; super convenient!

Specialty tea

When it comes to the human body, Taurus has been known to rule the throat. This means that our throats are highly sensitive and prone to irritations, so tea would be an amazing soother for any irritations or just as a comforting self-care moment of relaxation. Tauruses like self-care practices, and relaxing with a nice warm tea is a great way to start their regimen.


I am talking fine wine (for those 21+), charcuterie boards, assorted sandwiches, refreshing iced tea, and a cake or any kind of baked goods. Also, everything has to be laid out on a beautiful linen picnic blanket and organized exactly like an aesthetically-pleasing Pinterest image. And even extra points will be given if this picnic takes place in a gorgeous open field with flowers or by some kind of body of water. Taurus people are connected to nature, have an admiration for beautiful things, and have a love of food; therefore, a picnic would be a perfect acclamation of all those things.


This gift may be a little more difficult to narrow down simply because there are a variety of fragrance scents out there. But I will say that figuring out the Taurus’s favorite fragrance notes will not only help you find a scent they’ll enjoy, but it will also mean a lot that you put that much thought into something as simple. Again, it all relates back to Tauruses being a lover of self-care and also enjoying the nicer things in life.

Any kind of jewelry

We love beautiful and nice things! And to be adorned with a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, ring, etc., will make your Taurus feel beautiful. A nice extra touch would be to have it engraved, if possible, so it adds even more sentimental value, which they will greatly appreciate.

The Lalaily Cake
Her Campus Media

I can understand if some of these items may be a little too pricy, especially for us college students. So, by no means should anyone feel they are failing their Taurus friend if they don’t spend a huge amount. At the end of the day, your Taurus will appreciate whatever you get them and will love it no matter what! Happy Taurus season!

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Samantha Weber

U Mass Amherst '23

Samantha is a senior Communication major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a content writer at the UMass Amherst chapter for Her Campus.