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Art Galleries to Check Out on Campus

UMass Amherst is a very big place, which means that it has a lot to offer. From a wide variety of sports games to heading out on Friday nights to watch comedy troupes in Herter Hall, the campus has endless opportunities to keep you entertained. Along with these options, there are also many places to view different types of art exhibits. The galleries are hidden in buildings that we go to every day for classes, so they’re easily accessible. Here’s a list of UMass art galleries you should check out:

1. University Museum of Contemporary Art

This gallery is located right in the Fine Arts Center and features art from more modern eras, such as the 20th and 21st centuries. Currently, the museum is featuring an artist named Kara Walker, whose work involves commentary on slavery and racial issues.

2. Hampden Gallery

If you’ve ever gone to the store in the Hampden building in Southwest, you’ve probably passed by this gallery. Many students know this building from getting a slice of pizza at Southwest Cafe or going to the convenience store when we run low on shampoo, but this gallery is very interesting and stands right in the middle of an area where so many UMass students spend their time.

3. Herter Art Gallery

Herter Hall is located in the middle of campus. The building holds many classes, such as those that fulfill a language or general education requirement, so there is a good chance that you’ve been in this building and passed by the gallery while you were there. This gallery features a good amount of open space. The most recent exhibit included pieces arranged in a comic book style.

4. Augusta Savage Gallery

This gallery is located in the New Africa House near the Central Residential Area. It’s also a gallery with lots of open space, and currently features an exhibit with interactive elements titled “Seeking the Sacred on the Farm,” which revolves around family farm and its work. 

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