Up and Coming Artists To Watch: Kalin & Myles

Kalin White and Myles Parrish are a music duo unlike any other. Kalin, 19, the vocals of the duo, and Myles, 21, the rapper, are both from the Bay Area, California.  Myles started making raps and beats by recording from his room. He ended up joining forces with Kalin and they decided to make a song together, then shot a video for it. (“More Than Friends” was their first video, check it out here!)

Uploading their first video, and many others, on YouTube ended up exploding their careers. They rapidly gained countless fans, or KAM fam (Kalin And Myles family). Kalin & Myles have been making music ever since that day in April 2011. They have two EP's out already - K&M University,” and their newest one,"Chase Dreams." (Be sure to get them on iTunes!)

These guys have gained quite a presence around the West Coast, and are sure to be reaching all over the country soon. They have began to perform around the nation at radio station Jingleballs, state fairs, OMG Music Fests, and other festivals. Check them out and watch as they live their dreams making it in the music business! If you like them you might just have to go see one of their shows when they come to your town.

Now, I’ll let their music speak for itself...

Here's my personal favorite of their songs, "Love Robbery":

"On Mine Too" features Kylie Jenner in the music video! (Can you find her?):

Here's some acoustic of the boys to really hear their talent:

(and yes, girl, I'm ready too!)

Two songs to blast when you're getting ready to go out - "Turn" and "Go To Work":

One of their remixes :

Here's a sweet song the guys wrote called "Crazy For You," (and yes, it does in fact mention The Notebook in it!):

"Do It" is also one of my favorites!

Lastly, see what Kalin & Myles experience while touring with their road trip episodes, like this one:

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