'Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word' :This 3-Minute Video Will Change How You Decide to Live out 2018

I recommend watching the video before proceeding: "An Ambitious Woman Is Not a Terrifying Thing."

SuperSoul Sundays, a recurring show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), often features celebrities and influencers across many specialties. This episode included Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling who star, alongside Oprah, in the movie, A Wrinkle in Time. The trio shares an eye and ear opening discussion on what "ambition" means to them by addressing how society casts ambitious women in positive and negative lights.

“That’s ambitious” is a phrase that tends to carry a negative connotation, especially with respect to women. Many women have probably shared an experience of having a well-thought idea, that has only led to someone claiming that they are in over their heads. It's time that we embrace ambition and it's corresponding drive that fuels such ideas. 

Witherspoon explains how, as a society, we have to reshape what the word “ambition” means; it should not be synonymous with selfish, ruthless, or power driven. But, today, for seemingly for the wrong reasons it is. Kaling makes an observation that really makes me think. She says, “If someone called me ambitious it would almost feel like shade." This is sadly so relatable. Saying “that’s ambitious” also tends to have the same condescending tone as “that's crazy.”

Kaling also describes how the term effortless is appealing to society. She then asks why it's so wrong to openly be putting effort into things? It's fine to put forth effortful and be proud of it. Effort should be applauded; not everything needs to be effortless. Putting in effort produces a greater feeling of accomplishment which allows you successes resonate with you.

Oprah expresses how she has felt when being the only woman of color, or even, the only woman in a board meeting. She explains how she take a situation like that and uses it to be a representative of all women. Oprah says she feels the energy of all the women she is representing and all those who have come before her.

2018 has already been an amazing year for women: from the #TimesUp movement to the powerful voices our youth have shared over gun control. "An Ambitious Woman Is Not a Terrifying Thing" has inspired me and I hope it inspires you. We must continue to support each other and be a voice that advocates for those around us.   

A full transcript of the interview can be found here.

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