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Album of the Decade? A Review OF Frank Ocean’s Album, Blonde

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Many music critics consider Frank Ocean’s album, Blonde, as a classic. It’s an album that has been considered close to perfect with every song adding in experimental beats and ethereal vocals elevating each track to almost perfection, and in my opinion, has no skips. My all-time favorite songs on this album are “Nikes” and “White Ferrari,” as they are packed with introspective, thought-provoking lyrics and make you feel like you’re floating. The album was made during a time when Frank Ocean’s brother passed away, adding to the emotional charge surrounding the album. In the last part of “Futura Free,” he adds a clip of his brother speaking in an interview, making the song even more soulful. Unfortunately, this is the last official album he has ever released. There is hope that he releases another album soon, but until then, we are left with the masterpiece that is Blonde.

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With Blonde, Frank Ocean has carefully crafted this album as a walk in his mind. As we listen to the album, we’re feeling what he is feeling and learning about the experiences he’s had in his life; but he does it in such a implicit and (non-obvious way) that if anything, the music just makes you reflect on your own thoughts, experiences, and life. He had a concept for his art and he delivered so perfectly. What’s even cooler is that at the beat switch in “Nights,” he splits the album into two different concepts: day and night. The first part is more calm and light-hearted (at least for Frank Ocean) day, and then after the beat switch, the introspection, darker production and synth beats come into play, bringing night. This changes the feel and atmosphere of the songs, and contrasts the themes in the first part of the album.

This album could go for album of the decade solely because of the quality of music we get and the novelty of new sounds on each song. It doesn’t feel too long or too short and you can tell the effort that was put into it. There are a myriad of beat switches and solos that uplift the overall listening experience of the album, and what makes this album even more special is the fact that it appeals to the mainstream market but also music critics and those who like more underground sounds. While it definitely has competitors for the title of album of the decade, I personally believe it is in contention for that title.

Overall, the versatility, the experimental production, and pensive lyrics all make this album one of my all-time favorites and a timeless classic in general.

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Nandini Kritam

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