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Advice to freshmen from a graduating senior.

The beginning of your college career can be scary and lonely. I remember being nervous to meet new people and worried about how I would adapt to a huge university. The beginning of freshman year was nothing short of difficult. I struggled to make friends and branch out while being an extrovert in high school. I spent the first semester alone for the most part. But, it only took making one friend to help me out of this little antisocial hole I fell into. This one friend introduced me to their friends and immediately I felt as though the months I spent by myself were in preparation for the amazing people I met. I stuck it out, and it was worth it. 

My advice to an incoming freshman is to be patient with yourself and the transition into college. It is hard but can be made easier in time. Once I made some friends, I decided to move to a part of campus that allowed me to be closer to them. I didn’t know them all very well,  but it felt good to be around people I got along with. So, I went for it and it was one of the best decisions I made. I got some of my best friends by taking a risk. After that, my entire college experience changed. I felt energized. I had fun and I was even more excited about school. 

My second piece of advice I have for anyone starting college is to try classes in subjects you never thought you’d like. The reason you are in school is to explore new subjects and figure out what you like and do not like. I did this and learned so much more than I thought. The classes not required for my major were some of the classes in which the material truly taught me about life and issues in this world I otherwise would not have been privy to. Try new things. 

Another important thing to remember going into college is that YOU are YOUR first priority. You are responsible for your grades and your future is in your hands. I know this may sound scary but it’s reality. Of course, making friends is important but balancing your social life and school work is extremely vital. Before coming to college, practice those time management skills. 

Another tidbit, I would say going into college would be a great piece of advice would be to enjoy your time in college to the best of your ability. Have fun, hang out with your friends, go to class, take that workout class you were scared to take, go on trips with your friends, and overall just remember to live in the moment. 

Overall, my time in college has been a time in my life where I learned so much. I made some amazing friends, made memories, and grew as a person. As a senior, I can fully say I have no regrets about my four years here and I’ll always remember the lessons I learned these past four years.

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Logan Lornell

U Mass Amherst '22

Logan Lornell is a Senior at UMass Amherst and is a communications major with a psychology minor. Logan has a passion for beauty, fitness, health, fashion and travel. She is excited to be apart of Her Campus and to share her thoughts and experiences on a range of topics.
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