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A rom-com guide suited for a variety of moods.

Are you looking for a romanic comedy to watch? Do you want to feel that fluttery feeling from accidentally falling in love with a movie star? Well then do I have a list for you to fill all your rom com wishes. All these recommendations come from my own watching experience!

Unconventional Rom Coms 

Baby Mama

Who doesn’t love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? These two star in this film as a very interesting and unconventional pair of friends that learn to live with and love each other after an alternative approach to motherhood. 

Wedding Crashers 

Wedding Crashers is one of my favorite movies. It is hilarious and at times crazy. A tender love story is intertwined within all the jokes and sarcasm. If you feel like you want a moving romance but also need one that is not mushy, this one is great. 

House Bunny

Anna Faris stars as an ex-Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the mansion for her age. She lands at her nearest frat row and takes on the task of house mother for a sorority in need of her magic touch. Not only funny, but also very cute. 

Grab the tissues 

The Choice 

Set in beautiful North Carolina, a man meets a woman that changes his dating habits. It is a beautiful love story that shakes you to the core. Prepare to cry. 

A Walk to Remember 

Another favorite of mine. It’s a bit older and has that nostalgic feel to it. This one hurts but has a great message about life and love. 

About Time

Such an interesting plot. Probably one of the more unique storylines with such a sweet feeling. But, once again prepare to shed some tears. 

Time for a laugh 

10 Ways to Lose a Guy in Ten Days 

Starting off as a way to keep a job and progress further on a working deal, love blossoms. This confuses everyone and complicates everything. Will the two main characters end things because it started as a lie? 

Ella Enchanted

Set in a magical land, we get a bit of a corny love. Ella spends most of her life doing as she is told. Does she break this curse to defeat her fate and find love? 

50 First Dates 

I am a sucker for this movie. Not only funny but also very sweet and emotional. Adam Sandler never fails in my opinion and this movie proves it. 

Just Go With It 

Another Adam Sandler film, but I can’t resist. This movie has a more modern twist on romance and adds some great actors and actresses to help bring together a couple who never knew something was there all along.  

Modern Stories you can maybe relate to 

Someone Great 

This story is more about just a romantic relationship. It’s a journey to follow your dreams with the support of friends. This modern tale brings friendship and love to the forefront and tells those watching it is okay to put yourself and your life goals first. May not be the ending you wanted, but is most definitely the ending you needed. 

Crazy Rich Asians 

Beautifully shot. Gives viewers a story rarely seen in media. Get ready to see a world you may never have been introduced to and enjoy.  

Crazy Stupid Love

Dating isn’t easy. Especially after years of marriage and a family. Unless you have a master of it by your side to teach you all the tricks. Where will this alliance lead? Who will learn more about love?  

Oldies but still goodies 


A classic love story with greasers, pink ladies, and the nostalgic vibe of the 1950s. Get ready to learn every song and dance. If you haven’t seen it before, make sure to watch it. 

13 Going On 30

Every young girl’s dream is to be older. We learn that growing up isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be in this movie and that our youth is precious.

She’s All That 

Starting off on a really messed up bet to turn an outsider at school into a homecoming queen, a sparks sets fire when two unlikely characters get to know one another.

I hope this quick guide helps you to navigate that next romantic comedy for you to watch!

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