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9 Reasons Why You Should Watch MTV’s New Series Finding Carter

For all those who haven’t heard about the new series Finding Carter that began this summer, here’s a quick glimpse at what it’s about & why you should watch it. 

The basics you need to know before reading this article: it’s about a teenage girl (Carter) who discovers that the woman she thought was her mother, actually abducted her when she was a child. She then has to go live with her actual birth family, and all sorts of mayhem occurs. (Pretty crazy, right? & I know what you must be thinking…..

but once you watch one episode, you’ll be wanting to know more & become addicted!)

1. First things first (I’m the realest…. just kidding) – the boys of Finding Carter are HOT. Crash is (to sum it all up in one word) bae. I mean, how bad can a show be if there are guys like this in it????

2. I’ve got to give it up to MTV and point out how amazing their soundtrack each episode is. Killer music can make a TV show 10000 times better, and this show has some amazing tunes. It’s introduced me to a variety of new songs. Check out a series’ playlist here & the theme song below:


3. THE “SHIPS” (aka the relationships)— Finding Carter features really cute couples already so early in this show. How cute are “Maylor” (aka Max and Taylor) *insert heart-eyed emoji here* and Crash and Carter???

4. Originality—I’ve never watched anything like it. It has many twists—like for one, finding out her own loving mother is her kidnapper?? Definitely not one of those predictable shows.

5. Grant is the cutest! Unfortunately, he seems to be the one left out most of the time, but any time we get with him is awesome.  

6. Grant & Carter’s relationship—talk about adorable.

7. Every episode is action-packed to say the least.

8. There are SO many questions that are unanswered—why did Lori (fake mother, kidnapper) steal Carter when she was younger? What are Lori (fake mother) & David (real father) hiding? Who does Carter really want to be with?

9. Lastly, the HUMOR—this show is sure to make you laugh!

REMINDER: it’s on Tuesdays at 10pm!

Don’t forget to check it out & follow the series’  TWITTER and watch episodes on MTV

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