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8 Ways for Collegiettes to Feel Safer on and off Campus

Feeling safe is an important emotion that every Collegiette should feel (and every person in general). Whether it’s walking around campus late at night to get back home from the library, walking to the bars, or exploring a new town you’ve never been to, staying prepared with defense mechanisms is always a good idea. Here’s a few different devices or tools that can help you if you ever get in a sticky situation and need help.

1. Athena

This smart safety jewlery has a small circular magnetic clip that is eqipped with Bluetooth and an activation button. If the user ever feels unsafe, they can press the button and send a distress signal to selected emergency contacts through the user’s phone and notify them of their location. It also has alarm mode, where it produces an 85 decibel noise to spook an attacker if needed. It is small enough for the user to wear around the neck, attach to the waist, or carry inside of a bag, and it is fashionable as well

2. Ahh-Larm Personal Alarm

This personal alarm is adorable and glittery! It can be put on a backpack, keychain, or purse. There is a red panic button and a 120 decibel alarm that sounds instantly when the user feels unsafe.

3. SafeTrek App


This app for smart phones uses the pressure sensor on the touchscreen to call for help if a finger is ever lifted from the phone. For example, if you are walking home alone and feel unsafe, activate the app and use the pressure sensor, so if your finger is removed, it will alert the police of your location. It will also disable itself if a four-digit pin code is entered.

4. Lipstick Stun Gun

This safety, self-defense device is more proactive than the others. It is a stun gun that is crafted to look like a lipstick. So if you ever needed to defend yourself, you could grab it out of your pocket or purse. Just be sure to check the laws in your state or city about carrying one!

5. Pen Knife

This pen is sold by the same company of the Lipstick Stun Gun, Women On Guard. It looks like just an ordinary pen that one can hold in their hand or purse (and even writes like one!), but turns into a knife when it is pulled apart.

6. Tactical Crown Pen and DNA Collector

This is another pen by Women On Guard. The spiky, crown tip can be used to jab someone in the eye if self-defense is needed, and also doubles as a DNA collector. It also writes as well!

7. First Sign Hair Clip

This is a device that looks like a typical hair clip, yet on the inside it works to detect an impact to the head. If the user is hit on the head, it sounds an alarm and sends GPS data and video and audio gathered through the user’s phone to the police. Additionally, a programmed voice will repeat, “help is on the way and evidence collected,” as a way to deter the attacker.

8. Date Rape Drug Test Strips

These strips can be used to test if your drink has been drugged or spiked. They can easily be used at a party if needed!

Stay smart & safe, Collegiettes!

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