8 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Sisters on the Runway Fashion Show

Since its founding as a Registered Student Organization (RSO) in 2010, the Sisters on the Runway Division at UMass Amherst has worked continuously to raise money and awareness to support victims of domestic violence. Throughout the academic year, the organization holds a variety of events that educate the community on domestic violence prevention and fundraise for local shelters, and the division is most known for the annual benefit fashion show that they organize to support Safe Passage, a domestic violence victim shelter in Northampton.

This year’s 7th annual fashion show will be taking place in the Campus Center auditorium on March 26. Tickets will be $12 for UMass students, $15 for Five College students, and $18 for the general public. This amazing event is one that Collegiettes won’t want to miss, and here are eight reasons why you should grab your tickets and plan to attend the SOTR fashion show ASAP.

1. It’s for a great cause.

First and foremost, the fashion show is put on by SOTR every spring semester to fundraise for Safe Passage and help raise awareness of the fight against domestic violence. By purchasing a ticket to attend, Collegiettes will be actively supporting this cause! The importance of recognizing the issue of domestic violence cannot be overstated, as 1 in 3 women, regardless of community, age, gender, and race, will be affected by domestic or dating abuse in their lifetime. Both SOTR and Safe Passage believe that empowerment is crucial to ending domestic violence, and the show aims to empower individuals to change society’s stance on the issue by showcasing models strutting their stuff to support victims of domestic abuse.

I personally believe that the fashion show sends an inspiring message that all individuals and especially domestic violence victims are strong and beautiful, and that fashion and beauty can be showcased in a positive way to aid those in need of support to rebuild their lives in the wake of domestic abuse. All Collegiettes who attend the show are helping to send this message and are further helping to encourage other students to get involved in our community. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday night than by attending a student-run fashion show and actively helping to make a difference in the process!

2. The pieces the models will be wearing are to die for, and you’ll have the opportunity to buy some of them after the show.

As a fashion director for SOTR, take my word for it: the garments that the models showcase on the runway are some of the most stylish fashions that have taken the world by storm. This is especially true with this year’s outfit lineup; the organization has received generous clothing donations from local boutiques and stores in Northampton such as 25 Central and Faces, national and international fashion companies such as Tobi, JCPenney, TJX and local fashion designers. Many of the outfits that attendees will see on the runway will be sold after the show as part of the SOTR clothing sale to raise additional funds for Safe Passage. These must-have outfits will be sold at bargain prices, and many Collegiettes will be able to score massive style steals while supporting the show’s incredible cause in the process!

3. The event is a red carpet affair.

You read that right — the SOTR fashion show is a red carpet event where all attendees are invited to dress to the nines and take pictures with their friends on a physical red carpet prior to the start of the show. The red carpet is complete with a white and black SOTR backdrop, and the organization provides a student photographer who will take photos of all attendees and upload them to the SOTR Facebook page for all to see and admire. Now Collegiettes have the perfect reason to pull out their most fashionable outfits and create the perfect going out look for a fun event that supports a great cause. It’s not a requirement for guests to dress up, but doing so is part of the fun, and you may get your next amazing profile picture for your Facebook page out of it.

4. There will be amazing desserts and refreshments.

In addition to the perfect photo ops, Collegiettes who attend this year’s fashion show will also be treated to tasty treats and mocktails provided by UMass Dining. The food that is served at the event is beyond delicious; I honestly must have had at least 30 mini macaroons when I attended the event as a model last year. The treats and refreshments are among the best that UMass has to offer, and it's yet another amazing bonus that guests who attend the fashion show receive.

5. Each guest will receive a goody bag.

On top of all the other perks that attendees receive, guests will also score a special SOTR-inspired goody bag with their purchase of a ticket to the fashion show. The goody bags are often placed under the seats of each guest, and previous bags have included candy, SOTR laptop and bumper stickers, and the famous SOTR tumblers. I’ve had friends tell me that they were sold to come to the fashion show just because they wanted to own one of these tumblers; of course, they also came to support the incredible cause too! Don’t miss your chance to walk away with some amazing SOTR merch as you help to change the odds by attending the fashion show!

6. There will be raffles galore.

In addition to admissions and the after show clothing sale, the organization also helps to raise funds for Safe Passage by holding a series of raffles during the show. Attendees can purchase tickets for a chance to win a variety of items and gift baskets, and past raffles have included items from Kate Spade, Keurig, and Yankee Candle. Collegiettes who attend the fashion show also have a chance to support the cause while walking away winning some fabulous items! 

7. The event will feature acapella performances and other amazing entertainment.

Prior to the fashion show, guests are treated to several fun and entertaining acts put on by various NSOs that support and share similar missions with SOTR. This year, the incredible UMass acapella group Sharp Attitude will be performing prior to the show, and SOTR is excited to have these amazing ladies perform and help support the mission to raise awareness of domestic violence. Their inclusion in the show helps to establish the fact that it takes a community to make a difference and that the UMass community greatly supports the efforts of the organization to benefit Safe Passage and work towards changing the odds regarding the issue of domestic violence.

8. It's a chance to support your fellow UMass students involved in the show.

The SOTR division at UMass is entirely composed of fellow Collegiettes and UMass students. All of the organization’s e-board members, general body members, models and volunteers are made up of students that similarly want to help create change and support a similar cause that they believe in. Chances are that Collegiettes may personally know many of the students directly involved in the show. Even more importantly, Collegiettes may personally know individuals that have been affected by domestic violence or they may have personally experienced domestic abuse themselves. Whether you know of someone involved in the show, or if you know someone close to you who has been a victim of domestic violence, your support in attending the show is so meaningful to these students and to survivors of domestic abuse.

Come and support the Sisters on the Runway's 7th Annual Benefit Fashion Show on March 26, 2017 at the UMass Campus Center Auditorium! We will all work together to change the odds and help in the fight against domestic violence, and we hope to see Collegiettes there to enjoy a night of fashion for a great cause!

Photos courtesy of the Sisters on the Runway UMass Division's Facebook page.