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8 Reasons We Love Vanessa Hudgens

1. There isn’t a look this girl can’t pull off. From boho, to rocker chick, to hollywood glam, she is not afraid to take risks.

No big deal – just another day looking perfect.

2. Her relationship with her boyfriend is beyond the cutest thing ever.

3. She embodies confidence and shows off her free spirit any chance she gets.

4. She is the fashion queen of Coachella.

5. Her spectacular obsession with over-the-top nail art.

6. Her friendship with Ashley Tisdale is exemplary. We dream of having friends close enough to be our sisters!

7. She’s not afraid to challenge herself.

Vanessa willingly shed her glamorous beauty for her role as Apple in the 2013 drama, Gimme Shelter.

8. Her inspirational Instagrams remind us to be better people.

Vanessa encourages women to express themselves everyday of their lives. Not only does she prove that confidence is beautiful. Her outfit inspiration, ability to challenge herself and envious friendships show the importance of living life to the fullest! 

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