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7 Things You Tell Your Roommate Because No One Else Cares

Thank God for our roommates that listen to our endless complaints, pointless stories and answer our meaningless questions. We listen to our roommates go on about irrelevant happenings in their day to day life, and you know she will always be there to talk and listen to just about anything that’s on your mind. Here’s a list of some of those crazy things we ask, tell, and complain to our roommates about…

1. Should I use X-pro or Valencia for my Instagram filter?

The filter used will most definitely affect how many likes I get. This is obviously a decision that needs a second opinion.

2. Is it acceptable for me not shower today?

Is showering really all that important, anyway?

3. I got so many great deals while grocery shopping today!

I mean who doesn’t love a bargain?

4. Thank god you’re home, I have been so worried about you!

Because the only person that truly worries about where you are all the time is your roommate.

5. You will be so proud of me, I cleaned our entire room today!

6. Please MAKE me go to the gym today!

We all know the best person to force us to go to the gym is the one that has seen us laying around in our bed all day.

7. Can I go another week without doing laundry?

Your roommate won’t judge if you have to wear the same outfit twice in one week, right?

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