7 Signs You're a UMass Senior Ready to Graduate

Well, this is it, Collegiettes. The moment we all knew would come: graduation. While this moment is bitter-sweet, there's definitely a part of you that's ready (I promise, you are ready). Here are seven signs you're a UMass senior ready to graduate: 

1. Every time the PVTA is late (even by just a minute), you become unnecessarily enraged.

And it's not like you're mad at the bus driver, you’re just mad in general. You're mad that you're taking the bus. You're mad that every bus that goes by for some reason goes to the bus garage. You're just mad.

2. You're in disbelief that your professors are still expecting you to do work.

Like hello, do you realize that I’m applying to jobs? I'm also trying to plan my future and figure out where I'm going to live, what I'm going to eat, and how I'm going to eat. Are you really still expecting me to do a group project?

3. Now that you’ve started to see "real adult" apartments, yours feels small and crappy.

Is that a DISHWASHER? Dear God. What a concept!

4. You’re asking all of your younger friends to swipe you into Berk so you can eat your feelings.


I'm just hungry, and sad, and hungry, and poor.

5. You spend more time lying in bed feeling anxious about doing work than actually doing work.

Sadly, just lying there won't make it all go away.

6. Your bank account is obscenely low.

Beer isn’t cheap, and neither is school.

7. You’ve calculated the minimum grade you need on your finals to pass your classes.

C's get degrees, am I right?

Don't worry, Collegiettes, we'll get there! Enjoy the rest of the ride.

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