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7 Reasons Why Halloween was Way Cooler When we Were Kids

Trick or Treat, Collegiettes! Halloween is coming up, and everyone is getting excited for hilarious costumes, days of parties, and all of the fun UMass festivities that come with this spooky holiday. However, we can’t help but be a little bit nostalgic about our Halloween experiences as kids! Here’s a couple reasons why Halloween was so much cooler before you hit high school.

1. No matter what you decided to be, you always had the best costume. You could also be anything you wanted! There were no worries of finding things to throw together in your closet, or the question of looking good. You could be super scary or super pretty, because you could go with your parents to the costume store and get the most amazing costume you could find without having to pay a dime. Lindsay Lohan captured the true intensity of a Halloween costume in Mean Girls...

2. When you finally adorned your costume as evening set in on Halloween night, you got to strut your stuff around the house like a supermodel because your parents wanted 752 photos of you looking so darn cute!

3. As soon as you got bored of your gushing parents, it was time to meet up with your friends! All of your friends had cool costumes like you and had empty pillowcases ready to be filled. As excited as you were by yourself, the anticipation doubled when all of you got together. You could catwalk through the streets in your awesome costume with your best friends by your side. What could be better than that?

4. At the end of the night, when your pillowcase was full, you got to do the “dump and trade." This was when all of your friends sat down in someone’s house and unleashed your treasures in a heavily guarded area, and traded any candy or goods you didn’t want. This was the point when you also realized you had enough candy to last you until February and the sheer magnitude of all that sugar was mind blowing.

5. Soon, you had the perfect candies in your bag and it was time to go home. Then, you got to stick your pillowcase in the cabinet and chow down on your stash all day every day until the candy was all gone.

6. When that dreaded day came and your parents tactfully explained to you that maybe you were getting too old to go trick or treating…it might’ve been one of the worst days of your life.

7. All you can think about now when you’re in your not-as-cool costume at a party is how much you just want a KitKat… or twelve. Apparently, the options are either to look cute or stuff your face. It doesn't work to try and do both, so I think we all know which option is best...

As much as we may miss Halloween as a kid, Halloween at UMass might be just as fun…Happy Halloween, Collegiettes!

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