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7 Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

It’s no suprise that when we’ve eaten every crumb from our Thanksgiving plates and the holiday season officially begins, it can be a very stressful time. Not only because we have to deal with the issue of finals, but the season can easily make a dent in our bank accounts when buying gifts for friends and family. Have no fear—we’ve compiled a list of fun yet affordable presents for everyone on your shopping list.

1. Zodiac Mug: $9.99

​​These are perfect for anyone on your list that appreciates gifts with sentimental value. Not only is this mug personalized to your zodiac sign, it also includes its characteristics. This gift works even better if these characteristics fit your loved one!

2. A Basket of Trinkets/Favorite Things

Making a basket full of items that are personal to your friend or family member is always a thoughtful idea. And don’t worry, the gifts don’t have to be pricey—one of the best places to find goodies for this idea are in the $1 and $3 section at your local Target. 

3. Gift Sets

If you know your loved one’s favorite scent or type of toiletry products, select stores sell gift sets pre-made with all the items you need. You can find these at Bath & Body Works, Lush or even Amazon. 

4. Indoor Flower Garden: $20

This flower garden is so unique, and ideal for those who prefer anything low-maintenance. With this gift, your friend or family member can have beautiful flowers in their home year-round. It also comes in an adorable mason jar, and who doesn’t want to spice up their home with flowers and stylish decor?

5. Moleskin Journal: $22.95

Moleskin journals are of very high quality and at a decently low cost. For your writer friends or even just the more organized, consider buying them a journal to encourage them to get their thoughts out on paper.

6. Portable Speaker: $14.97

Who wouldn’t love a portable speaker that allows you to take your music on the go? You can find a high-quality speaker at a very low cost at many different places—this Insignia portable speaker retails around $15 at Best Buy.

7. Interchangable Phone Case: $40

This one may be a bit more on the expensive side than others, but it’s also very personalizable. With this phone case from Casetify, you buy the phone case with a design of your choice, and later on they only need to buy a backplate in order to change the design, which costs just $15. These phone cases last a long time because they are easily changeable to suit what the owner wants as a phone case.

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