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7 Fashionable Ways to Recycle Clothing

So it’s the end of the semester (why is time moving so fast?!), and the end of the season, so now’s the time to clean out those closets and get rid of all those clothes you’ve been meaning to part with, but just can’t seem to let go. But wait! Before you completely discard an old shirt you haven’t worn in ages look at these cute and fashionable ways to recycle old clothing and turn them into stylish creations you can call your own!

1. The T-shirt Dress: Easiest one in the book. This is perfect for girls who don’t sew, because I know I sure don’t. I’m not domesticated enough for that yet! Although I wish I was…

The Lace Clutch:

You will need:

  • Salvaged tank top from the abyss of your closet or neon lace fabric
  • Old clutch or makeup bag
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread


  1. Cut along the seam of your tank top to split it open and lay your clutch inside with the seams parallel to one another.
  2. Fold over the open flap to cover the clutch and cut off excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch.
  3. Turn the fabric inside out and sew along three of the edges to create a case to fit your clutch inside of.
  4. Turn the fabric right side out so that the edges are seamless and slip your clutch into the lace shell.

  5. Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a unique, one-of-a-kind clutch that will make your friends envious!

3. Old T-Shirt = New Headband!

  1. Cut two strips out of the knit fabric that are double the final width you want your headband straps to be. My strips were approximately 4in. x 20in.!
  2. Fold each strip in half (with right sides facing) and sew down the long side of raw edges. Flip right side out. Now you will have two “tubes.”
  3. Lay out tubes (seam sides up) in the shape of an “X.”
  4. Fold strips over so that they are linked together, matching up the raw edges.
  5. Take the unfinished headband and wrap around your head to see how tight to make it. Line up all raw edges and sew together with a straight stitch. Cut off any excess.
  6. Wear it and flaunt it!

4. An old pair of jeans can get you a new pair of trendy high wasted shorts within just a few minutes! Simply cut your jeans to the desireable length and then add lace or studs from your local craft store using hot glue! Also, you can bleach them in certain areas to add a stylish denim wash.

5. Who doesn’t need more scarves in the winter? Here is one you can make all on your own!

6. About to throw out that basic plain tee? Stop! All you need to do is embellish it with some sparkly stones on the collar and it’s all eyes on you, girl!

7. Sweater Decor! Ever want a little glam added to your plain sweater? Here is the trick!

Happy recycling, Collegiettes!

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