7 Fashion Essentials to Transition From Summer to Fall

Summer is when everyone is wearing shorts and tee shirts. Fall is when the sweaters come out and the leaves are starting to change. The time in between these two seasons can be awkward because it comes not hot enough for tank tops or cold enough for sweaters and scarfs. Here are some fashion pieces that can help you transition from summer to fall. 


Military/Utility Jacket 

During this time, the mornings can be cold and it can get warmer as the day goes on. A perfect solution is a military or unfitly jacket. They are not too heavy, but are not too thin of jackets at the same time. The jacket is cute to pop over a cute graphic tee or maybe even a dress. There is also something fashionable about having a jacket tied around your waist or slung over your shoulder. 


Jean skirts 

Jeans are always a good idea, but sometimes it is too hot to put on a pair of jeans. That why jean skirts are the different piece. You can put tights on under if it gets too cold or skirts are perfect for the warmer weather. The great thing about jean skirts is they come in many washes and dark wash looks great in fall. Jean skirts can be paired with anything such as a just fall sweater or a cute floral top. Another amazing thing about jean skirts is they come in many styles with the zippers and pockets. I love the ones that have the zippers up the front or the skirts that don’t have matching hems at the bottom. All of them are to die for!


White sneakers 

Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? They are an essential for the summer and be worn in the fall when your wardrobe gets darker. White shoes are cute with a dress or can be worn with jeans and a tee shirt. Fall colors go perfect with white and the white lets the fall colors pop. Just be careful since white sneakers can get dirty easily. 


Basic pullover sweater 

When the season becomes a little bit colder, a basic pullover sweater is the right way to go. This sweater can be worn when it gets cold in the summer time down by the water and when the leaves start to change. It can be layered or worn alone and dressed up or dressed down. It could be put under a cute jean jacket or a button up and can be paired with jeans or a skirt. A great thing about basic pullover sweaters is they come in so many prints and colors. Some of my personal favorites are a navy and white striped sweater or a star sweater. The prints and colors on these sweater let everyone express their true self during this transition period. 


Midi or Maxi Dresses 

These dresses are perfect for the summer, but can also be rocked in the fall time. They are the perfect length for when it starts getting cooler and a dress is a quick and easy fall-ready look. I personally love dressing these dresses with a jean jacket or with a cute cardigan over. Midi and maxi dresses come in so many cute fall colors, like maroon or a mustard yellow. Another good way to style these dresses with with a belt; they really highlights your waist and shows off your figure. Try some thigh high boots or booties with the dresses to take them to the next level!



Booties are a closet staple for any season, but are perfect for the colder fall weather and look cute with any outfit. Besides them giving you height, they can be dressed up or dressed down. Look at booties as an investment essential in your closet. There are booties in all different colors, heights, and styles with cutouts or zippers. A good bootie for the transition period would have neutral colors and have summery vibes like eyelets. A little magic in booties is the little V at the front of the boot - it gives off the appearance that your legs look longer and shows off a little ankle. Booties look flattering on everyone!


Dark Florals 

Florals are cute with every outfit, but for the transition period, it is cute to show off the floras with darker tones. The darker background with the brighter floral print leads into fall fashion more and carries over the trend of florals from summer to fall. They take an edgy take on summer florals and are so easy to style no matter what way you wear them. Enjoy the last of the nice weather with a dark floral and some white shoes or booties and maybe a jacket or cardigan when it gets chilly. There are some cute dark floral maxi dresses and blouses that are to die for!


All these pieces are worth the investment and can take you from season to season. The great thing about all these pieces is there are super affordable options, like Forever 21 or H&M. Have fun rocking these looks and happy fall!

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