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Thanksgiving is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. The extensive amounts of comfort food, fall vibes and being able to express your gratitude around family or friends makes it absolutely special. To show your love for Thanksgiving, why not try your hand at some easy DIYs to decorate your holiday dinner or party? We’ve got seven crafting ideas for you to try this year.

​1. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

Setting up the Thanksgiving dinner table requires a lot of thought when there are a mix of personalities involved. This is why place cards are almost a necessity. Find some rosemary, carefully tie it around a wire and write names on a ribbon to create this adorable dinner table element. This DIY also works perfectly for Christmas!

2. Apple Candles

This one may be a bit strange, but it’s super simple and turns out looking very cool. Just take a knife (be careful with it) then cut a whole into it and place a tea light candle inside. Apple candles can give your table its needed fall feel!

3. Pumpkin Vases

Another idea for a dinner centerpiece is to make a pumplin into a vase! All you have to do is hollow out a pumpkin and add some flowers. To make it even a bit more special, you could paint the pumpkin or glue some sparkles onto it.  

 4. Falling Garland Leaves 

To spice up the walls of your home or dining room, take a few fake leaves, dip them in sparkles and hang them with ribbon. Christmas can come early with this fall take on garland.

5. Confetti-Stuffed Turkey

This DIY is perfect for the children’s table, or just the child within you and your guests. With only some lunch bags, tissue paper and confetti you can excite all of your guests with this adorable and interactive centerpiece this holiday.

6. Pumpkin Menu 

Have a Thanksgiving menu that you’re just too excited to let go unnoticed? Why not write it out on the front of a pumpkin? Just take a paint pen (and someone with good handwriting) and show your guests the delicious menu they’re about to enjoy.

7. Mason Jar Centerpieces

This DIY may be the easiest yet. To get these centerpieces that are perfect for fall, just pick up a few different colored mason jars (if you’re feeling very crafty you can even paint them) and stuff them with any little item you choose! You can even put in a tea light for added effect.

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