7 Beach Bag Essentials You Might Have Forgot About

Everyone knows the standard stuff to bring to beach – towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. But here are a few more necessities you might not think to bring, that will keep you looking and feeling great at the beach.

Hair Ties:

These get lost so easily, it's good to have backups to keep your hair out of your face, especially if the sea breeze whips your hair around. 

Comb/Hair Brush:

A day at the beach, with the water and wind, can turn your hair into a hot mess. Throw a travel comb or brush in your bag to run through your hair to get out the knots and tangles. Some even come attached to a mirror, so convenient!

Hand Sanitizer:

Everyone loves grabbing a bite to eat at the beach, but it's not exactly the cleanest place. Please, sanitize yourselves.

Cleansing Wipes:

Sand, salt, sweat - it can all get in your pores, so when your skin starts to feel grimy, swipe one of these on your face. Just don't forget to reapply sunscreen after. The Body Shop wipes pictured above are gentle on your skin.

Protein Bar & Water Bottle:

If you're trying to eat healthy, the beach doesn't usually have great options for you. Have a small snack and water bottle with you for a pick-me-up.


The salt water can seriously dry your skin. You can find travel sized moisturizers at any drugstore.

What's in your beach bag, Collegiettes?

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