The 6 Stages of Watching a Bad Horror Film

There is a huge difference between watching a horror movie and knowing it's going to be bad and watching one because you genuinely want to be scared. And while watching a hilariously bad movie with terrible effects can be a great experience, there's something so disappointing when the hyped up horror film just isn't what you expected. 

1. Anticipation 

There is nothing like the opening of any horror film. Whether it starts off fast paced showing the killer's last victims or slowly builds as a group of teens begins packing for their road trip, the movie is beginning to build its back story. At this point, you aren't sure what will happen, but the popcorn is out and you're ready for the ride. 

2. Confusion

Depending on the movie, this stage could take place within ten or forty-five minutes of the opening. At this point things are beginning to get questionable. You begin noticing glaring plot holes, continuity errors, and seriously bad judgment calls. Suddenly, what was once suspenseful (and kind of believable) collapses and it's like you're watching the movie as a film critic. 

3. Unintentional Laughter

Oh no. Once you have laughed at something that wasn't meant to be funny, you have broken the spell of the horror movie. There is no turning back from this point. 

4. Sarcasm 

You and your friends are no longer viewers. Instead, you are active commentators derisively mocking the film and all of its failings. 

5. Loyalty 

At this point, no one is pretending that this is a good horror movie. It's actually probably one of the worst, but it is so entertaining and endearing that you've come to care for it in a strange way. Now when other people bash it, you find yourself getting protective and defending its merit as a lovable "bad horror movie". 


6. Hatred

It's quite possible that you've wasted precious time watching this movie and that it represents an hour and thirty-five minutes you'll never get back. 

Whether that bad horror movie becomes a fond memory that you break out every Halloween or you warn everyone you know not to waste their time, rest assured...there will be more bad horror movies out there and you will inevitably watch one again. You can blame Hollywood for that. 

Happy Halloween Collegiettes! 

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