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6 Songs That Give Off the Best Fall Vibes (Sophomore Version)

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October has begun, which means fall is in full swing.  One thing I like to do to help me romanticize fall is listen to comforting, cozy, and soothing music. Transitioning to fall and adjusting to the cold weather can be hard. I am very particular about music and matching it to specific vibes, especially when it comes to the seasons. Here are six songs that embody the feeling fall brings.


You already knew Noah Kahan was going to be on this list. Noah Kahan, in my mind, is the artist I think of when I think of when defining fall. I picked “Northern Attitude” because Kahan sings about transitions and the feelings that they come with. This song is especially relatable to UMass Amherst students since we attend a college in New England, a place Kahan refers to growing up in, in the song.


This song immediately reminds me of the fall of 2019. Every time I listen to this song, I feel a sense of nostalgia right away. I remember listening to this song on repeat, and now it is a must for my fall playlist.


This song is perfect for fall quite literally because of the name. I love listening to this song while I’m walking around campus and admiring the foliage, feeling the cold breeze brush against my face. The beat drop that occurs around two and a half minutes in is SO GOOD and always triggers me to press the volume-up button. 


This song is my go-to when I’m going on a drive, whether it’s a road trip or a quick stop at Dunkin’. It’s catchy beat and lyrics are perfect to sing along to both by yourself and with your friends. This song reminds me of Musical.ly when it was used for transition videos with one clip being stereotypical “nerds,” and the other being “cool kids.” I think for the colder seasons I definitely tend to gravitate towards nostalgic songs.


“Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex is probably number two for me when thinking about colder weather and music for fall. Their music feels like a warm blanket with its soft, slow melody and low vocals. This band’s music plus a blanket and a candle is my idea of a perfect fall day.


Faye Webster is someone I recently started listening to, but have loved ever since I was exposed to this song. Her voice is so comforting and makes me feel so relaxed. Similar to Cigarettes After Sex, her voice is low which makes it feel like she is almost sitting right in front of me and singing. 

Music is something that personally does a lot for my mental health and motivation, especially in the colder seasons. Finding music that is comforting and warming helps with this mental block that fall and winter can sometimes bring. These songs help me with this, and I hope they can help you too!

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Olivia Boyd

U Mass Amherst '26

Olivia is a sophomore at UMass Amherst studying communications and minoring in political science. Some of her passions include traveling, being active, trying new food, and watching sunsets. Growing up in Amsterdam, Olivia has traveled all across Europe and hopes to live there one day.