6 Questions to Ask During a First Date

Dating is a rare phenomenon nowadays.  We are currently living in a generation where technology is the main form of communication, and when we do meet face-to-face it is mostly to hookup.  Because of this, people do not feel the need to date anymore. But if you have a date coming up, then you are the exception to the rule and kudos to you. So after trying on 10 different outfits, curling or straightening your hair, making sure your eyebrows are "on fleek," and taking a final look in the mirror: it's date time. We can all admit that first dates can be awkward, especially ones at a restaurant, the main dilemma in these situations is trying to figure what to talk about. Here are 6 questions to get a conversion going:


1. What are your 5 favorite albums?

A person's taste in music reveals a lot about their personality. Does your date like the twang of country, the steady rhythm of the drum and bass, or the bumping beat of dirty south music.  Plus, maybe they'll be really into that singer or group you love that you thought nobody else had ever heard of.


2.  Do you like travel, and where would you like to go?

This question reveals a person’s sense of adventure. Whether it is relaxing at the beach in Jamaica or riding through the safari in Kenya, this question creates a conversation about travels made, travels planned and travels only dreamed about. Maybe your plans will coincide with theirs and if they don’t, it’s definitely a way to find out their idea of a good time.

3. Are you the oldest, the youngest, or a middle child?

Everyone knows the stereotypes of the birth order of siblings. The only child has trouble sharing, the oldest is bossy, everyone babies the baby, and the middle child is well, stuck in the middle. This question can reveal more about his personality and studies have actually shown how birth order shapes personality. This is also a good way to get a feel for his relationship with his family without the risk of getting too deep too soon.

4. Do you have a best friend, and how long have you been friends?

Best friends are a big part of life and they can shows how good he is at developing friendships depending on the time frame and the number of best friends you have. 

5. Where do you work?

Are you in between jobs or do you still getting an allowance from Mamadukes or Papabear. In your twenties, it is important to have job because it shows responsibility and discipline. It also shows how your date can function in the real world.

6.  What are your goals in life?

Not everyone has their life set in their 20's, but this question reveals a lot about their future. It shows their ambitions and dreams and if they have their head on their shoulders.


7. Bonus!* Can I see you again?

 If the date went well, then why not ask for a second date? You don’t have to wait for them to ask.


Have a great first date, Collegiettes!

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