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6 Fun and Local Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means the Valentine’s Day date stress is on its way. If you are in a relationship, you know how overwhelming it can be trying to make plans on V-Day. Restaurants are often booked way in advance and you don’t want to have to be stuck at home for dinner; you want to go out and do something new and fun, but you’re afraid your significant other won’t be up for your idea. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

1. Ice Skating

What better activity is there to do in the winter besides ice skating? It’s a fun way to try something new. Even if you fall, you’ll have someone to help you back up every time (and it’ll give you something to laugh about).

2. Dining Commons Date

Going to dinner at the dining commons can be just as fun as going out to dinner at a restaurant…I mean, they DO have a chocolate fountain that you can dip your desserts in. Also, all of the food at the dining commons is Valentine’s-themed which makes eating dinner so much more fun!  Make sure to try every heart-shaped treat!

3. Concert

Check out any local bands that might be playing downtown or at one of the 5 college campuses. There’s always some kind of performance happening, and nothing’s better than when there is music in the air.

4. Take a Cooking Class Together

Are you a lousy cook who is looking for something new and exciting to try? Sign you and your significant other up for a cooking class. You’ll learn some yummy new dishes that you’ll be able to try cooking together back at home.

5. Go to a Karaoke Night

Take your Valentine’s Day to a whole new level by going to a karaoke night at a local bar. What’s more romantic than singing to your significant other? It’s like a high-school musical fantasy.

6. Watch the Sunrise

Even after a long, romantic night, you’ll still want to stay up with your bf/gf, so snuggle up with blankets and drink hot chocolate outside while you watch the sun rise in the morning.

Have fun with your loved ones, Collegiettes!

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