6 DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Dorm Room

Halloween is creeping up on us, and although you may not have the budget to pull off the decor that your mom does for the holiday, you can still make your dorm more festive and fun to come home to for the rest of the month!

1. Lollipop Ghosts  

With just lollipops and napkins or tissues, you can make your own tiny ghosts! Probably something you did as a kid in school, this super easy craft is the first step to making your dorm a bit more spooky. You also get a sweet treat when you’re ready to put them away at the end of October — perfect candy for Halloween night!

2. Light-Up Ghosts

Keeping with the ghost theme, with any string of lights in your dorm, you can make floating, illuminated ghosts! Again, using napkins (or any other white fabric), you can attach them to the tops of the lights, tie off the head with string or rubber bands, and voila!

3. Eerie Glowing Eyes

Ever feel like eyes are watching you in the dark of your room at night? Well now they are — although you don’t have to be scared of them! With used toilet paper rolls, scissors and glow sticks, you can line your windowsill to give yourself — or anyone walking outside! — a little fright in the middle of the night.

4. Glowing Ghost and Alien Balloons

With the extra glow sticks left over, take a few white balloons and make some floating heads! Pop the glow sticks into the blown up balloon, then draw any sort of ghost, monster, or alien face on with a Sharpie. Tape them to the wall or window for a festive night-light!

5. Monster Doors

Decorate the door to your suite, room or bathroom with a variety of craft materials, from garbage bags to cardboard paper to white paper plates — you name it! Using some inspiration from these doors, let your imagination run wild with a monster design template!

6. Cardboard Paper Bats

With black cardboard paper and the laws of symmetry, you can easily make bat silhouettes to tack or hang from your walls and ceiling! Fold the paper in half, making a cutout of half the shape of a bat’s body and wings. Optionally stick on red, glittery pom-poms for eyes.


Images: 1, 2, 3, header courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker