5 Ways to Make It Feel Like Summer in This Never-Ending Cold Weather

With temperatures still in the low 40s and snow still in April's forecast, it's the ultimate struggle. It feels like winter just won't end. Personally, all I want at this point is some warm weather so I can go out and party, lie in the sun, and officially store my winter layers for the next six months. Here are five ways you can try to get that summer feeling while you're stuck in this eternal winter.

1. Listen to summer music.

Open up Spotify and create a playlist that you can imagine blasting on the beach. My personal favorite genres for the summer are reggae and ska. Bob Marley and Sublime are great artists to get you in the perfect beach mood. You can listen to it while you are trekking through the snow to make it at least seem like you're elsewhere.

2. Drink tropical beverages.

Break out the blender and some big slices of fruit so you can make tropical drinks for you and your friends. Turn your apartment or dorm into a resort! I love piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris by the poolside. One non-alcoholic option would be a fruit smoothie with a fruit slice on the rim of the glass. Have a taste of summer, even if it's while you watch it sleeting outside through your window.

3. Go swimsuit shopping.

Stock up on new swimsuits for beach season! As you shop, you can imagine how good your Instagram is going to look with all of your new swimsuits. If you need a place to start, Zaful has some really cute pieces at inexpensive prices. Check them out!

4. Plan a vacation.

Plan a summer vacation to a beach or a getaway destination! Include all of your friends and family while dreaming of warmer weather. It can be a big vacation to an island on a cruise, or it can be something smaller like a day trip to a nearby beach!

5. Wear brighter colors.

Winter has a way of making us dress in monochromatic neutrals — we're no strangers to black, gray and brown to match our dreary moods. Add some bright shades of pink, white and orange to your wardrobe to give it a flavor of summertime . . . and once our favorite season is finally here, you'll be prepared.

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