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5 Ways to Know If You Are a Hopeless Romantic

1. You always watch the cheesy chick flicks…

Before you even pick up the DVD, you know how this movie will play out. Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy and Girl battle it out against the world to end up together.

It really doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen this type of movie. Letters to Juliet, The Notebook, 27 Dresses…they all have the same basic heartwarming story of true love and have an incredibly unrealistic happy ending.  While people call out all the very unrealistic aspects of your movie, you honestly could not care less! 

It is precisely the reason why you choose to pick up that DVD and watch this movie, prepared to have your heart warmed, then broken, then patched up again. 

2. … and you always end up skipping to the best parts.

This applies to that one flick you have watched so many times, you practically have it memorized (A Walk to Remember for me).  You actually don’t watch the entire movie because you always end up fast-forwarding to the cute flirts, the first kiss, the declarations of love. 

Yes, it is completely sappy and cliché, but as the hopeless romantic you are, it make perfect sense to you.  Your reasons for its perfection are endless!

3. Your heart feels like you just ran a marathon when someone cute smiles at you.

As a hopeless romantic, you literally feel like your heart is going to beat out of your chest when someone you find attractive simply smiles at you.  In no way are you naïve or foolish, you just have lived a little bit of that moment from the movies and it is amazing! 

You try desperately to appear normal, but that silly grin is bound to show.

4. You always plan and daydream about your future with that someone special.

Whether it’s daydreaming in class or lying in bed, you always end up picturing the future with someone you may or may not have met yet.

Depending on what you like, these daydreams could range from romantic picnics to your wedding or to just traveling the world with them.  We hopeless romantics tend to imagine entire scenarios and dialogues that may never occur.

While this definitely marks us down as a “hopeless romantic,” you have to admit, we will have an amazing list of places to embark on and things to do once we meet our lucky partner.

5. And last, but not least… you are an incredibly loving and exciting person to be around!

Because of your romantic personality, you are an extremely amazing person to be around.  Contrary to the term “hopeless,” you convey to others your hope for the future.  You show others that it helps to cry, laugh, and squeal when you read romantic books or watch chick flicks.  It is inspirational to see others with these traits and people really like you for it.

Should you ever believe that you look pathetic for being a “hopeless romantic,” think again.  It is a trait people admire and one day that someone special will love you even more for it as well.


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Anastasia Armstrong. English Major at UMass Amherst.
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