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I know summer is all about having fun with your friends, but what do you do if no one’s around to hang out? If you’re anything like me, you’d take it as a sign to sleep through the day and try again another time. However, I just want to make this clear: don’t be like me! You can still have a “hot girl summer” even if you’re on your own; sometimes you don’t always need to have a companion to be able to have fun and be the best version of yourself that you can be. So no need to fear. If you keep reading, I’ll give you my top five suggestions for things to do to have fun on your own this summer — AKA no more lazing around. It’s time to have the hot girl summer you’ve always wanted!

DIY Clothes or Accessories

I’m sure you’ve seen TikToks or Pinterest posts of people DIY-ing items for their closet, and summer is the perfect time to try out a similar project since you have so much free time on your hands! You can do anything from tie-dying a t-shirt to purchasing and painting a pair of $5 shoes from your local Walmart to crafting your own beaded necklace. Not only is this a great way to creatively express yourself, it’s also helping you add some sick items to your closet: a win-win!

Spend the Day with Your Pet

One of my favorite pastimes last summer was going on a walk exploring a new neighboring town with my dog. Whether I’d have my earbuds in and be listening to a podcast while my dog sniffed the countless new scents he’d pick up or I’d be having a full-on conversation with him as we strolled (yes, I am someone who converses with their dog, and I’m proud!) I’d enjoy every second of our time together. (Of course this suggestion does require a pet, but if you don’t have one of your own, you can definitely borrow a friend’s.)

Watch the Sunset

While this could also be applicable to watching the sunrise, I’m guessing most of you reading may not be morning freaks like I am, LOL. But think about it — the perfect way to end your day could simply consist of you treating yourself to your favorite dinner and dessert, driving to a good place to watch the sunset, and having a picnic with yourself as you watch the sun go down (preferably vibing to some chill summer music and spending as little time on your phone as possible, being completely present in that moment). Personally, I think that would be an amazing, calming way to end your day.

Discover Your New Favorite Cafe

Yes, another one of these is having to do with eating, but you have so much free time in summer, so how can you not go exploring?! The way I see it, you have two main ways to approach this suggestion: use Yelp to find a highly-rated cafe or simply drive around to nowhere in particular and stop at a cafe that catches your eye. Though I wish I could say I’d usually go for the second way, I’m definitely someone who treats Yelp like their best friend, and there’s no shame in that! Whichever strategy you use, get to a new cafe, treat yourself to whatever sounds the best on their menu, bring a book or something other than your phone to keep yourself occupied, and simply exist and vibe as if you’re the main character.

Put on a Concert

Whether it takes place in your car, the shower, or your bedroom, find the perfect place for you to blast your favorite tunes, scream along to them, and perform a concert for your millions of fans! They’ve been waiting for you to perform for them for the whole school year, you can’t leave them hanging now! Okay, but seriously, there is no better feeling in the world than screaming your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. Not only is this a great way to pass the time, it’s also extremely therapeutic and nearly always puts you in a good mood when you’re done!

I hope at least one of these suggestions has spoken to you, or perhaps sparked another idea or two in your head for how to have fun on your own this summer. But if it hasn’t, just spend some time on Pinterest — I guarantee that you’ll find something there that’s up your alley! Whatever you end up doing this summer, make sure not to limit yourself just because no one else is available to hang out. Don’t let that stop you from having the best hot girl summer ever! Happy summer, and I’ll see you next year!

Katie Ellsworth

U Mass Amherst '24

Katie (she/her) is a content editor for the University of Massachusetts Amherst chapter. She is a sophomore double majoring in film studies and communication. In her free time, you can typically find her napping with her dog, making YouTube videos, streaming on Twitch, or eating bagels!
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