The 5 Walks Through Campus You Didn't Know You Rocked

A walk you rock? Sounds weird, right? But I guarantee you’ve been a poster child for at least one of these notorious strides, and here you can take some steps to see which walks you've been rocking.

1. The Sexy Strut: 

They might as well call you Beyoncé today, because you look fierce. Your hair’s got the perfect bounce, you’re wearing a matching bra and underwear, and you just cracked open that new lash-blast mascara – zero clumps. Campus might as well be your personal runway today because you’re rocking it. You pick your knees up a little higher and stick your chest out a little further. You feel daring enough to smile at every cutie you pass, you may even throw out a wink here and there. Every hair flip is in perfect slow motion and you could have sworn someone just whispered, “Whoa, who is that girl?”

2. The Somber Walk: 

You’ve been listening to the new Jason Aldean album nonstop and you’re convinced the sun will never come up again. You walk slowly with your head down and when you look up, you pierce passing students with a gaze that pretty much empties their soul. Colors are duller and the campus pond is gooseless, but you just stepped in goose poop. Obviously. A cloud may as well begin to rain on just you to confirm how incredibly depressing this day is. You just stepped in more goose poop. Perfect.

3. The Nerdy Jaunt:

Your hips sway more on your speed to class than they do on Lit’s black leather couches. If your arms were whipping through the air any faster, you’d probably begin to fly. In your backpack is a laptop, two textbooks, three notebooks, your Nike sneakers, a wrap from Pita Pit and your pink Camelback in the side pocket, but that sure as hell ain’t slowing you down.

You have four minutes and 36 seconds to make it to Marcus before your super anal-about-attendance professor marks you as late. If anyone crossed your path, you’d probably demolish him or her with your intense determination that they should have seen coming.

4. The Triumphant Skip:

You just aced an exam, were offered an interview, or were told how cute those boots are. That pep in your step says you’re having a fantabulous day and absolutely nothing is going to bring you down. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, you know and wave to pretty much everyone you pass, and hot guys are handing out free Redbulls. If this walk doesn’t say you’re on top of the freaking world, I don’t know what will.

5. The Meathead March: 

Doesn’t really matter where you’re going, but you’re going there. And you’re looking tough and sweaty, hair pulled back and under armored guns-a-blazing. Your chest is out and your legs look great in those spandex. You’ve got that swag like it doesn’t matter what weather starts emerging from the sky or what construction you’re unknowingly walking through. That look in your eyes says you just took a kickboxing class and if you had to, you could kick some serious ass. Drake is blasting through your headphones and even though your quads are burning because you just went way too H.A.M. on the elliptical, you still walk like explosions are erupting behind you. Nobody’s getting in your way today.

What walk are you rocking today, Collegiettes?