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4 Things I Wanted To Do When I Got Back To Amherst

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I am always excited to go back to Amherst for the school year. However, there are always a few particular things I can’t wait to do when I go back. If you haven’t tried any of these things, I definitely recommend giving them a try so you too can miss them when you are home during breaks.

Atkins Farm

Atkins Farm is one of my favorite places around Amherst to go. Atkins Country market has everything you could wish for and more. They have homemade donuts, fudge, and pastries that are to die for. Their fudge is my favorite part of visiting Atkins and I would totally recommend trying the M&M fudge bar. Not to mention they usually have a special of buy four get two free. If you are in the mood for something savory rather than sweet, they do have a deli section where they can make sandwiches of all kinds, and who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

Metacomet-Monadnock Trail

I love a good hiking spot, and there is no better time than the end of summer and the beginning of fall to go on a hike. The weather is absolutely perfect. This trail is also nice because it goes on for quite some time, so you can choose when you would like to stop or if you want to keep going. I also appreciate how it is difficult enough that you feel like you are exercising but not so difficult that you’re pulling yourself up some parts of the hike. This hike also has a gorgeous view that really makes all the hiking worth it.

Flayvors of Cook Farm

This little ice cream shop makes their own ice cream from their own cows right on their dairy farm, and you can literally taste how fresh this ice cream is. They have various different flavors and toppings that will suit all of you after-dinner ice cream cravings. Not to mention, you can enjoy your ice cream while seeing all the cows that they used to make the very ice cream you are enjoying! Flayvors of Cook Farm makes ice cream an experience!

West Street Dike Sunset View

I love a good sunset spot. There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than watching the sun go down with your favorite people. This sunset spot is absolutely beautiful. Once you arrive you can get out of your car and walk down a little trail while watching the sunset over the Connecticut River. There is also plenty of space to bring a blanket and some food to watch the sunset with yourself or whoever you choose.

Man fishing in river
Photo by Alex Gross

There are so many fun things to do and so many great food and desert places around Amherst. Sometimes it even feels overwhelming to choose. I have tried a lot of things, but these are my top four priorities when I come back to Amherst for the school year so I really think you should give them a try!

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