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5 Styles That Will Be Trending This Summer

I think everyone is excited for summer 2021. After all, we are counting on it to make up for the disaster that was summer 2020. That's why I want to let you guys in on my predictions on the cutest styles that everyone will be sporting. 

1. Telfar Bags

If you haven’t seen these bags already, I promise you that you will at some point in the coming months. Telfar is a fashion brand created by Telfar Clemens, who has been recognized by TIME magazine as one of the next 100 most influential people. The company is a gay and Black-owned business, so purchasing from it can show support for these minority communities. While Telfar makes all kinds of clothing and has collaborations with all kinds of brands, they’re most famously known for their bags. The bags have been seen worn by the likes of Dua Lipa, Solange Knowles, Selena Gomez, and many more. It was also seen on the “Wendy Williams Show” recently. These bags sell out within minutes of their drops. Sometimes, however, the company has a bag security drop, meaning customers have 24 hours to purchase bags, and they will have the safety of knowing that there is enough in stock for them to get one. The bags are currently available in 20 colors. They are pricey though, with the smallest size being $150. I will say, my friend just bought two of them, and she says they are quality items. I seriously suggest that everyone looks into these bags! You can find them here.

[bf_image id="qe6jph-d8sz1k-8h4pbp"]

2. Resin Chunky Bangle Rings

Another essential that will be popping off this summer are bright, colorful, chunky rings. These rings emulate 70s bangles, but instead of wearing them on your wrist, people are flaunting them on their fingers. These rings come in all different colors and sometimes people will get their initials stuck on them. Many of these rings are made of plastic, but I also know of people who make them using artist resin. They are a fun switch up from the metal rings we are all used to seeing, and much funkier. They also are less valuable than a regular ring and won’t rust, so they are perfect to wear while doing summer activities. I just bought three from a girl who makes them on her Instagram shop and sells them for much less than you would expect to see in a boutique. This is her Instagram handle for anyone who’s interested in checking them out: @bands.by.b. [bf_image id="pfsnbfcb4scrt9t7g8n7g75n"]

3. Bulky Sunglasses

So long are the days of investing hundreds into Ray-Ban sunglasses that you are just going to end up losing. 2021 is about bigger and better things, and hot girl summer wouldn’t be complete without some cute shades. I’m talking big, bold pairs and teeny, sleek pairs. You all should have a pair for every outfit, day or night. Go crazy with it too! Get a pair with rhinestones or beads or whatever you like. I hate to admit this, but I have a pair that says,"too much sauce" on it from like 2017 that I will be wearing with no regrets.

[bf_image id="fgjv7vhtv5k4gxcph7gxjcc"]

4. Beaded Necklaces

Think of those macaroni necklaces with the beads that you used to make when you were younger. It’s literally just that. Whatever beads you like strung along a normal piece of string. I swear it’s trendy. It’s the accessory you didn’t know you needed, but you definitely want. Pro-tip: get beads that you like of all sizes, colors, and shapes, and put them in no actual order on the necklace. The more chaotic, the better. Martha Calvo Joolz is selling these types of necklaces for a ridiculous price. Like literally around $200. All the celebrities are wearing them, and listen, if you have that type of money, spend it as you will, but I would advise everyone else to just head over to Michaels and purchase some cheap beads. I’m sure there a trillion TikToks that you can find with tutorials if you search up "beaded necklaces," but it’s pretty straightforward.

[bf_image id="q5jk14-aegfiw-fi0t4q"]

5. Band-Aids

The literal sickest thing you can wear this summer is a super cute Band-Aid on your arm. I heard UMass is giving out sparkly silver ones. People will think you are the coolest person ever. They will also want to be around you more. These Band-Aids attract people, and you will see that they will actually want to get physically closer to you, as opposed to someone who isn’t wearing one. All you have to do is get the COVID-19 vaccine, and you will get a FREE Band-Aid, and watch as these superpowers take hold. I swear by this life hack. The fun part is, if you get the vaccine, you will have to get both doses, which means you get TWO Band-Aids. Twice the awesomeness for you. And you know, I guess you get the peace of mind of knowing that you aren’t spreading or receiving this deadly virus. I’m in it for the Band-Aids though.

[bf_image id="qchy5b-6vlg9c-3j6fgs"]

There you have it. Now you have everything you need to add to your shopping lists and calendars. Trust me, you'll get amazing Instagram pictures out of this list. I can't wait to see everyone's new wardrobe. Have a great summer!

Kate Katz

U Mass Amherst '24

Kate is a freshman at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a New Yorker at heart. She is a journalism major and hopes to work in the broadcast field. Kate also writes for the Amherst WIRE on their entertainment team. She is so grateful to be able to share her work with such a wide audience of readers.
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