5 Reasons Why Sierra Burgess is Actually Problematic

Before we get into this, just know that this is not an article where I tear this fictitious character down on the basis of anything superficial. This is more of a light-hearted article on morality (or lack thereof) when it comes to this film. *Spoilers ahead*

1. Why are we glorifying a catfish!?

Although this is quite a relatable movie when it comes to feeling insecure, it was kind of messed up to watch Sierra take advantage of a catfishing situation even though she recognizes it is wrong. *Spoiler alert*: It also didn't sit well with me that after such a dramatic and manipulative sequence of events, SHE ENDS UP WITH JAMEY. After such a weird series of events, I'm questioning how I could just automatically trust anyone after all that.

2. The lack of dual-party consent in the parking lot kiss scene.

While watching this pivotal scene play out, I couldn’t help but feel some second-hand cringe. In a very real era of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, I didn't like that there was a kissing scene in which Jamey thinks he's kissing Veronica with his eyes closed, and is tricked into kissing Sierra. I know it is just a movie, but if something like this played out IRL, it would not be romanticized.

3. How did Sierra pull off the “difference” in her voice on the phone with Jamey?

Veronica and Sierra have very different voices. To put in perspective, I would say Veronica might be considered a soprano and Sierra? Possibly an alto. I’m not sure, but either way they are very different. Jamey is supposedly very smart, so it is bewildering to me that Sierra and Veronica were able to pull this off.

4. Why is Sierra in the school band when she can actually sing??

One of the many strange plot holes is the fact that Sierra Burgess has a beautiful singing voice. However, in classic teen rom-com form, Sierra is a “band geek”. I, for one, am glad that they added this layer to her story, but I wish they allowed it to blossom.

5.  Why is Dan the friend we don't deserve?

Sierra and her best friend Dan have multiple great scenes together, even though she unwarrantably gets mad at him all the time. Dan is always available to her with open arms. It was fun seeing their dynamic, and strange to see it fall apart at times. Either way we should all have a friend like Dan at least once in our lives and not take him for granted. 

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