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Warning: This story has mentions of suicide and abuse, which could be triggering to some readers.

We’re hitting that point in the semester after midterms where you have some extra free time to relax, sit back, and pick up a new show. Lucky for you, the fall season is prime time for streaming platforms to release all their brand new hit series. I’ve included my new current favs that I’ve currently, or will be, binging that are the perfect cure to your boredom and are sure to put you in the spooky season mood.

1.) Only Murders In The Building

This one was a must-watch for me because it features none other than Selena Gomez as she returns to her first big acting role in years. The show begins following the three main characters — Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short — as they go about their day living in the same, ritzy apartment building in New York. However, their lives begin to intertwine when a mysterious “suicide” occurs and sparks the three of them to join forces to uncover the truth about what really happened. This show is perfect for the fall season, as it is the best combination of mystery, thriller, and comedy to accommodate all of your entertainment needs.

2.) One of Us is Lying

Based on the New York Times Bestseller by Karen M. McManus, this show has been on my radar ever since I fell in love with the book. This show takes on a murderous twist to the classic film The Breakfast Club as it follows four students all from different backgrounds and social cliques as they get caught up in a murder investigation. Five students walked into detention, but only four of them made it out alive, and now those four must get to the bottom of what truly happened before it’s too late. Each of the four has secrets they desperately need to stay hidden, so you are continuously left guessing: Who murdered Simon? The show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and accurately parallels the book’s relationships between the characters. If you’ve read the book, or even if you haven’t, this show is a must-watch for the season.

3.) Maid

Grab your tissues and get ready to bawl because there’s no getting around that this show is incredibly sad and heartbreaking. The groundbreaking Netflix show follows the life of Alex as she struggles to leave an abusive relationship, all while trying to make ends meet for her daughter by becoming a housekeeper. We see her journey through homelessness, unemployment, and familial issues as she fights for her and her daughter’s safety amid a system that couldn’t care less. As mentioned, the show deals with a lot of heavy topics, so I would be careful if something heavier is not what you’re in the mood for. But if you’re looking for a good drama, this is definitely the one. 

4.) Clickbait

Is Netflix killing the drama/thriller game again? Yup! Clickbait follows the abduction of family man Nick Brewer, whose life is put in the hands of the internet when his kidnapper streams a video of him to the web. The show then follows his family, friends, and the police team as they race against time to find Nick and save his life while also trying to uncover the truth behind why he was abducted and if the claims are true. Each episode centers around a different character and their involvement in the story as you watch the events unfold firsthand. I have never been more shocked and on my toes with a show than I was with this one. I also love that it’s a miniseries, so it’s an easy and quick watch. Plus, you won’t have to wait a year for the next season to come out!

5.) I Know What You Did Last Summer

This is up next on my to-watch list, and I absolutely cannot wait to start it. As a kid I was obsessed with the I Know What You Did Last Summer movie, and its sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, so I have high hopes for the Amazon Prime series. It takes on the same plot as the original movie, with teens being stalked by an unknown individual who seemingly knows their part in a fatal accident that occurred a year ago. The teens band together to attempt to find out the person’s identity and keep their dangerous secret hidden. The show releases episodes on a weekly basis, but already has six episodes out for you to get a good start on it!

I hope you’re able to check out and enjoy these shows!

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