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5 “New Girl” Moments That Altered My Brain Chemistry (In Honor Of It Leaving Netflix)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

I’m sure we all have that TV show that we go back to time and time again. For me, it’s New Girl. I have watched the show at least four times all the way through and it’s still as funny as it was the first time. When I saw the news that New Girl was being removed from Netflix, I was crushed. However, I quickly realized (thanks to an interview with Jake Johnson) that it’s being moved to Hulu. Yay! Although I can continue binge-watching New Girl (for the fifth time) on Hulu, let’s mourn the loss of my favorite show from Netflix by reliving five of my favorite New Girl moments.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for New Girl. Read with caution!

Nick and Jess get high (Season Six, Episode 15)

When Reagan gets Nick a reading for his book The Pepperwood Chronicles at a bookstore, Jess sets out to help him DIY his books. She and Nick spend the day using industrial-strength glue from Jess’s crafting cart. When Reagan returns from the craft store, she finds the two absolutely high out of their minds. Nick is convinced his shirt is made of honey and that is why he cannot button it (not because he has glue on his hands…duh). Arguably the best part of this scene is when Jess fills a backpack up with the books and falls, in slow motion, onto her back due to the weight. The solution, obviously, is for Nick to drag her by her ankles out of the door of the loft. This scene makes me cry laughing every time I see it and even just envisioning it while writing it, I’m laughing. 

Nick using Schmidt’s towel (Season one, Episode 11)

This scene occurs at the end of the episode when Schmidt touches his towel and finds out it is damp. He calls all the roommates into the bathroom and asks who has been using his towel. Nick, of course, says “That’s my towel,” which causes an amusing back and forth between the two. Hilarious one-liners are shared; my favorite is Nick saying he doesn’t wash the towel because when he leaves the shower he is “clean as a baby” and it’s like washing a bar of soap. Schmidt replies with a disgusted look and exclaims: “I am furious right now!” This scene is one of the many moments in this show that can make me smile every time and I quote it constantly. 

Jess makes out with Schmidt’s dad (Season Five, episode 12)

When Jess tries to help out with Schmidt and Cece’s wedding planning, she goes to a winery that she found on his confusingly color-coded laptop. When she gets back to update Schmidt on the deal she got from Gavin at the winery (and how they kissed a little), Schmidt has one of the most hilarious responses. Schmidt always has the best reactions in the show, but this one is the best. His face, paired with the noise he made definitely makes this one of the more memorable moments from the show.

schmidt tells Nick he is dating two women (Season Three, Episode Three)

This moment is another classic in my eyes and I think about it all the time. I even made a TikTok with my cousin recreating this hysterical moment! Schmidt trying to explain how he is dating both Elizabeth and Cece to Nick, while Nick just doesn’t get it is so funny. Nick repeats the same phrase: “What do you mean?” while Schmidt tries to get him to understand until he finally gets it and yells “You get one wife! That’s the way the world works!” This moment has me laughing until I cry every single time. 

The background check episode (season four, episode six)

This is my all-time favorite episode of New Girl and my go-to when I want a good laugh. The chaos of this episode of everyone trying to hide a bag of “meth” that Jess just so happens to own is unlike any other episode. This episode has so many funny moments, making choosing just one impossible. The complete and utter mayhem of this episode has stuck with me ever since watching it. I laugh every time I think of it and I am constantly quoting moments from this iconic episode.

Although you can still watch New Girl on other platforms, I will continue to grieve over the loss of this show from Netflix after 10 years. Hopefully remembering these scenes brings you as much joy as it brings me or inspires you to rewatch this show. 

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