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5 Great Study Spots on Campus: According to UMass Amherst Students

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

The life of a college student never rests when it comes to studying and homework. Even though every dorm room comes equipped with a desk, sometimes studying in your room can be difficult. It can be tempting to crawl into bed to do your homework, and some of us might find ourselves “accidentally” falling asleep. Luckily, UMass Amherst has a variety of study spaces fit for everyone’s study needs. Some people need complete silence whereas others need a steady background noise. I interviewed UMass Amherst students about what their favorite study spots on campus are to give you some study inspiration!

Post and Bean Cafe located in the John W. Olver Design Building

One study spot you can look for is at the Post and Bean Cafe in the Design building. Katelyn Gibbings is a marketing major and this is her favorite place to do homework. She says that “there is a great view of campus and [she] likes the cafe scenery.” There is also a subtle amount of background noise for those who don’t like studying in complete silence. And you can recharge with a coffee when you need a delicious pick-me-up!

The W.E.B Dubois Library

The 28-floor library is a top favorite when it comes to studying. There are so many floors ranging from complete quiet to subtle background noise to a bit louder group study. Maggie Landry, a biology major, likes the lower level of the library. There are plenty of tables and couches as well as an outdoor study area which is beautiful in the fall and spring when the weather is warm. Landry explained, “I enjoy this as a study spot because it is not too quiet since I enjoy background noise when studying and doing work.” She also loves taking advantage of the outdoor tables when it is nice out. Other students prefer utilizing one of the many quiet floors. Priya Shah, a psychology major, chooses to go to the 21st floor and states that “It’s not as crowded as the other floors, it has a good view, and it has bigger tables to study at.” You can refer to the floor guide next to the elevator to find the best floor for you!

The Durfee Conservatory 

One study spot that is less known is the Durfee Conservatory, located near Franklin Dining Hall. This is a lovely place to study, especially in the winter when you need an escape from the Massachusetts weather. Sarah Berliner, a psychology and education double major, suggested this spot because “there are calming background noises like running water from the koi pond that act as ambient sounds to help you focus!” Berliner also says “it’s a great place to escape the cold and see some beautiful scenery while being productive!” I would highly recommend this study spot to anyone who loves nature. 

The Integrative Learning Center

The Integrative Learning Center, also known as the ILC, is one of my go-to study places. I find that the chairs and couches are so comfortable and the subtle background noise and natural lighting provide a great study atmosphere! Peet’s Coffee is also located on the first floor of the ILC where you can get a great boost of energy for those long study sessions. Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared that “I like the modern architecture and it is not too loud.” The ILC is also located right next to the Campus Center where you can take a lunch break at Blue Wall! 

The Student union

Another great study space is located in the Student Union. Briana Myran, a public policy major, commented that she likes the Student Union because “it has many available seats and tables to study at, along with providing a calm environment. They also have a cafe.” Earth Foods cafe is a vegetarian and vegan co-op student-run restaurant located on the first floor of the student union. This is another great place to grab some food to refuel while studying. 

These are just a few of the amazing study areas that UMass has to offer as there are so many other places you can study at! The options are almost endless! I hope that this article provides you with some inspiration on where to study. Always keep in mind that these are shared spaces with the many other students on campus, and be respectful of the presence of others around you. Good luck with your studying! 

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