5 Fun and Exciting Date Ideas on a Budget

When scrolling through Instagram, I constantly feel like couples go on extravagant dates that could not possibly be executed on my budget. Whether it be tropical vacations, bougie dinners in the city, or even concerts and sports games, sometimes I feel insecure that I am unable to afford these things. However, going on dates with your significant other does not need to be expensive. As long as it is with the one you love anything can be a date that is affordable, personalized, and meaningful. Here are 5 fun and exciting date ideas on a budget!

1. Drive in Movies

Drive-in movies can typically be pretty cheap because they tend to be independently owned. It is something fun to do because you can bring blankets, get comfortable in your car, and you can also bring your own snacks and drinks to make it even cheaper. I went to a drive-in theater in Cape Cod and the experience was so much more exciting than going to a movie theater, and it honestly felt like we were not even paying to see a movie. 

2. Picnic on the Beach

Going out to dinner can always be a treat when it comes to date night, but it can also get boring sometimes because if you are like me, deciding where to go to dinner can be pretty repetitive. This idea is more tailored for the summer, but making a simple picnic worthy dinner and bringing a blanket to the beach can be romantic and can spice up your dating life.

3. Crafting

Everyone knows that Michaels craft store always comes through with those coupons that can be upwards of 50% off. Getting a few paint supplies can make any average night exciting! Grab a significant other, put on some of your favorite music and enjoy the vibe of a paint bar in the comfort of your own home.

4. Make Dinner

Instead of going out to dinner and spending an absurd amount of money on average food, getting in the kitchen is one of my favorite date nights. It is so much cheaper, especially in college, to pick out a fun recipe curated to both of your tastes, and enjoy each others company while having fun cooking (or in my case, trying to cook). 

5. Game Night

Everybody loves a game night, and everybody also has some games lying around somewhere. My boyfriend and I like to build Legos personally, whether they be cheap little ones from Target or old ones from childhood that we can rebuild. Clue, Monopoly, Cadoo: any game can be curated to a date night to just spend enjoying each others company. 

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